Yet another impressive feature about the Sephra Chocolate Fountain. Sephra is the ONLY chocolate fountain on the market which allows you to melt chocolate chips right in the fountain basin. Yep, you heard it here. Commercial as well as home fountains.

That is a pretty simplifying feature if you’re talking about setting up a chocolate fountain for any event.

Simply turn on the fountain heating element; sprinkle chips right into the basin; stir occasionally and voila! Within 30 minutes you’ll have warm, silky chocolate flowing flawlessly in your fountain. We just did 16lbs in a 34″ Montezuma Fountain in our offices last week.

No Need to Melt in the Bag

Consider your other options. You can always melt chocolate in the microwave before you come to the event. Then squeeze the melted chocolate out of the bag and into the fountain. That’s a bit of a mess.

No Need to Bring a Microwave to Your Event

Some caterers even go to the extent of schlepping a microwave to their events and melt the chocolate there. They either melt it in the bag or pour it into a bowl; melt in the microwave and then add to the chocolate fountain. Again, a lot of extra work and mess.

Time to Simplify

Sephra offers so many ways to simplify your business. Not only the heated basin for melting chocolate, but the Drip Guard, Fountain Grate and Fountain Wind Guard – three more great reasons why you’ll be delighted with a Sephra. See how Sephra can Turn Your Catering Nightmare into Sweet Dreams!