Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with a bounty of good food shared with loved ones. The overflowing table reminds you of all the reasons to be thankful in life. If you want your Thanksgiving table to really shine, consider incorporating your home fondue fountain with the harvest table.

Transform Your Fondue Fountain into a Thanksgiving Gravy Train Chocolate fountains are not only good for delivering warm chocolate to hungry people. Although chocolate for chocolate fountains is always a crowd pleaser, this Thanksgiving, turn your chocolate fountain into a gravy fountain so it can be an integral part of the main meal (as well as an eye-catching centerpiece). By allowing the gravy to flow in your fondue fountain, the host can remain seated instead of constantly getting up to refill gravy boats. A Thanksgiving meal provides many opportunities to slather gravy on the plate, which translates to gravy boats that seem to have holes in the bottom. In addition, with the help of your home fondue fountain, the gravy will keep circulating and stay warm throughout the meal so no one will end up with lukewarm, lumpy gravy. The flavor will remain, no film will develop on the top, and the aroma will keep everyone coming back for more.

Elevated Status: Making Your Gravy Fountain the Thanksgiving Centerpiece A functional way to serve the Thanksgiving meal, especially to a crowd, is to set up a buffet table so that no dish will be left off the table and extra helpings are easy to find. The gravy fountain should be placed after the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes on the assembly line because these items are the most popular gravy companions. If the gravy fountain is first, guests will have nothing to put gravy on and will have to return to it, causing a crimp in the assembly line. The gravy fountain will rise above the other dishes, so decorating it will help it become a festive and attractive centerpiece. Begin by placing a small arrangement of miniature pumpkins and gourds with a couple of colorful leaves as a topper. Use a patterned tablecloth, perhaps a dark orange background with a leaf pattern in green and gold, which will help disguise any spills. Surround the gravy fountain with a series of pinecones that were dusted with gold glitter to give the table some shimmer. You could hollow out 3 medium-sized ghost pumpkins (white pumpkins) and place a glass inside to hold fall flowers such as mums, perhaps a different color in each pumpkin. Then, place them at intervals down the table. Your gravy fountain centerpiece will be the talk of the Thanksgiving table, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to host again next year!