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Chocolate Fountain - How much Chocolate do I need?

One of the questions we're commonly asked here at Sephra about our is how much is needed to flow properly at rental events and parties. If you work in the rental or catering business, you'll want to know the answer too – especially if you want to advise your clients. If you are hosting your own chocolate fountain party at home, knowing the right quantity is just as imperative! Of course, it depends on the size of your fountain how much it will need to curtain effectively.

Which chocolate fountain do you have?

Your Sephra fountain needs a minimum amount of to create a full curtain of chocolate over each tier. You will need to take the difference between the maximum amount your fountain will hold and the minimum it needs to flow to deliver the complete chocolate curtain. This number will be the amount of servable chocolate your guests will eat from before you start to lose the “curtaining” effect of the chocolate flow. Home fountains typically need at least 4lb of chocolate to avoid any gaps in the flow. They can generally hold up to 6lb of chocolate at any one time. But, of course, you can top up with melted chocolate as you go. need (and can take) more chocolate. Therefore, so it's best to check which model you have and refer to the user manual. Or you can who will happily advise you on chocolate quantities. As a general rule of thumb, 1lb of chocolate will 'feed' around 10 guests. So, for larger events, a should be sufficient for around 200 guests. Here at Sephra, we sell chocolate in microwaveable 2lb bags so you can melt it first to speed up the process.

Chocolate Fountain Capacities

The video below helps to explain the formula. In the meantime, here are some at-a-glance amounts:

Deeply dippy

From experience, we estimate each person will dip roughly three items about the size of a large strawberry or marshmallow. Not everyone will dip in the chocolate fountain and some people will dip more than others. We recommend you start off with more than the minimum your chocolate fountain needs because once guests start dipping, the flow will not be like the pictures (smooth and perfect). Instead, you will have gaps in the chocolate curtain. It's always better to have too much than not enough. Browsing in Europe? Check out our partners over a , they have their own as well!

Chocolate Fountain Display at a Bridal Expo - Increase Your Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Chocolate fountains are extremely popular among brides-to-be, and attending a few bridal expos can significantly increase your client base. However, it's best to be prepared with an exciting chocolate fountain display, plenty of dipping treats for those hungry, often stressed, brides and their entourages, and easy-to-access information. Creating a Choc-o-rific Display Brides Will Love An eye-catching, exciting chocolate fountain display is the key to drawing a continuous crowd throughout the bridal expo. It's also important to remember your audience: brides. Tailor your chocolate fountain display to resemble one you might use at a wedding reception so that everyone sampling your delicious treats will also see the possibilities for her wedding. Using more than one fountain is perfect for creating the "wow factor." It also allows people to sample more than one type of chocolate for chocolate fountains. Use a large chocolate fountain in the background with two smaller ones flanking it, and then arrange white twinkle lights around the chocolate fountains, perhaps setting up a crimson or black backdrop behind the fountains for a little drama. Place universally appealing wedding toppers on each chocolate fountain, perhaps a pair of wedding bells and a pair of doves on the two smaller fountains and white and pink blossoms on the large fountain. Use table linens that match the backdrop and won't show stains, then arrange elegant tiered food trays to display the dipping treats, scattering a few light pink or white rose petals across the table. Creating a Lasting Chocolate Impression Remember that brides not only want to plan the perfect wedding, but most want to infuse their big day with a little romance. Include dipping treat samples like fresh strawberries and cherries, especially since a sliced strawberry can resemble a heart. It's difficult to forget how delicious and attractive chocolate fountains are once you experience one! Develop a bridal expo special and include a description with your brochure or create an attractive flyer with your contact information on it as a takeaway. Offer a discount on using more than one chocolate fountain, for example, or create a wedding bundle with an assortment of fresh fruit, baked goods and confections for one competitive price. Then, you can track how many brides responded to your wedding bundle; even if they order a different chocolate fountain wedding package, you can ascertain how many brides came your way due to your bridal expo display. This way, you can determine how effective your presentation was at securing new wedding clients for your chocolate fountain rental business.

3 New Chocolate Fountain Venues to Consider

Don't let your chocolate fountain rental business get too comfortable renting to the same clients. Branch out with these three new venues that hold events perfect for . Once they rent your chocolate fountain, these new

are sure to become or produce lifetime clients. Chocolate-Loving Schools What teenager doesn't love chocolate and wouldn't love the interaction of a chocolate fountain at the next dance? Homecoming and prom are two dances where schools could budget for a chocolate fountain rental. Since dance committees are usually formed with students to help decide the direction for the dance, you probably won't have to try very hard to convince these students and teachers that a chocolate fountain is just what their school dance needs. It could also help sell more tickets to students who otherwise might not have bothered to attend. Another avenue to explore is school fundraising events, especially in the private school and university sectors. Discuss the draw of the chocolate fountains and how that can benefit the organization. Especially in these difficult economic times, trying to elicit from parents and alumni might result in more donations and a higher attendance if a chocolate fountain will be present for all to enjoy. Restaurant Buffet Events Many regular restaurants hold buffet dinners or lunches for special events and holidays to attract more business outside their normal clientele. Approach any of these restaurants with the idea of renting your chocolate fountain for their next buffet event, and they'll probably jump at the chance. Remind them that chocolate fountains not only attract positive attention and satisfy the chocolate cravings of hungry guests, but will help their restaurant stand out in the minds of these patrons who experienced your delicious chocolate fountain and are more likely to return at the next holiday buffet and spread the word. Get in Line at Summer Festivals Most areas in the country view summer as a time to celebrate just about anything. Summer festivals abound, mostly because they are successful at attracting large crowds to enjoy whatever that festival is celebrating. Rent a booth at your local summer festival and offer people a dipping package for a certain price, or different dipping choices, such as fruit and confections, confections and baked goods, or one of each to dip into your delectable chocolate for chocolate fountain. Of course, your business cards or a brochure will be handy so that anyone who tastes your chocolate can find out how to rent your chocolate fountain for their next event.

Ideas for Hosting a Chocolate-Inspired Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is the perfect event for enjoying a decadent chocolate fountain. Typically, bridal showers are girls-only events - making it the perfect time to indulge in a chocolate fountain that is versatile enough to fit into the most formal or most casual bridal shower. Chocolate Fountain for a Formal Bridal Shower There will always be brides who desire a formal, more traditional bridal shower to celebrate her upcoming marriage. A bridal tea is very popular, and a chocolate fountain is the perfect complement to such an event. Using white chocolate for chocolate fountains gives an elegant bridal presentation and will complement the tea and all the succulent treats that accompany a tea party. The chocolate fountain could be topped with fresh flowers and the display table could have small silver julep cups of fresh flowers dispersed among the food trays in shades of white and light pink. A chocolate fountain is the epitome of elegance, and it will blend seamlessly into a formal atmosphere. Chocolate Fountain for a Casual Bridal Shower A chocolate fountain will enhance a more casual bridal shower because it promotes interaction and gives everyone a common activity. White chocolate is always appropriate for a bridal shower, but milk and even dark chocolate shouldn't be overlooked just because of their color. Juxtaposing the chocolate with white and creamy dipping treats like marshmallows, angel food cake, cheesecake bites, and mini muffins all taste great and still have that bridal feel. The table can be decorated with bright colors like various shades of pink, and flower blossoms or petals could be scattered on the table instead of in formal arrangements to signify a more laidback shower. Chocolate Fountain for a Themed Bridal Shower Themed bridal showers are an increasingly popular trend, and being prepared to dress up the chocolate fountain display to match the theme will help you secure more clients. Popular themes include romance, tropical luau, wild with animal prints, and western, just to name a few. People also use colors and patterns to help unite a theme, and going the extra mile to decorate the chocolate fountain display table with theme-appropriate items will result in a successful shower and a satisfied client. For example, if the bride has chosen a western theme, you could use a mini cowgirl hat as a fountain topper, hang shiny sheriff's stars and spurs on rope in a creative banner across the table front, and even wrap twinkle lights around rope to form lassos of light around the food trays and chocolate fountain. As long as you know what type of bridal shower will be hosted, you can match the commercial chocolate fountain décor so that it enhances the atmosphere and lets guests indulge in chocolate dipped treats while celebrating the bride to be.

Grow an (Edible) Mud Pie Chocolate Fountain Station

If your next chocolate fountain rental is for an event centered around kids, such as a birthday party or a family reunion, consider showing kids how to grow a mud pie from your chocolate fountain display. Any adults present will likely have no qualms about joining in with this fun and delicious take on chocolate fountains!

Combine Dippable Mini-Cupcakes with Chocolate Fountains to Delight Brides

Cupcakes have become the fashionable dessert, with small cupcake focused bakeries popping up in towns and cities across the nation. Wedding cakes composed of cupcakes is a trend that naturally followed the cupcake phenomenon, so why not delight your next bridal client with tiers of mini cupcakes for her chocolate fountain wedding cake?

Marketing Chocolate Fountains to Hotels

The travel industry is suffering in these depressed economic times when families are concentrating on saving money and taking day trips instead of springing for a hotel room. Here are some ideas for showing hotels that by investing in a chocolate fountain rental, they can convince more guests to turn that day trip into a weekend event!

5 Reasons to Volunteer Your Chocolate Fountain for Charity

A chocolate fountain is a popular attraction at any charity event. Not only tastes delicious, but stands out as an attraction that many guests don’t see everyday. A chocolate fountain is also interactive and forces people to get out of their chairs and join fellow guests at the chocolate fountain dessert table to choose from an array of delectable dipping treats.

Fusion Chocolate Fountains: From Halo-Halos to Crepes

Fusion cuisine, which mixes two or more ethnic influences into dishes, has grown more popular as chefs get increasingly creative with combining flavors from various cultures. To appeal to a wider demographic and to add interest at your next chocolate fountain event, consider these fusion chocolate fountain ideas.