Most of us will host at least one summer BBQ, so why not use your home fountain to make your summer BBQ stand out from the rest?  Sephra’s recipe for BBQ sauce is not only delicious, but is perfect for your fondue fountain and will make your next summer BBQ a tasty triumph.

Making the Perfect BBQ Sauce for Your Home Fountain is Easy

Sephra makes it easy by using a BBQ sauce recipe that combines the ingredients in one pot for minimal mess and easy clean-up. Savory ingredients like molasses, soy sauce and honey along with chipotle peppers, hot pepper sauce and chili flakes can give your BBQ sauce heat. Once you cool your BBQ concoction down, blend and strain it, it’s ready to go into your home fondue fountain and astound the taste buds of all your BBQ-dipping guests.

Dipping Treats Meant for BBQ Sauce

When you’re planning the menu for your summer BBQ party, offering BBQ sauce in your home fountain will make your job as the grill master easier. You might feature a hamburger and cheeseburger slider station that lets guests dip their small patties into the fondue fountain and then layer on the toppings like caramelized onions, mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese. Mini hotdogs and pigs n’ a blanket are perfect appetizer-sized dipping treats to get the party started while you grill the main course.

Layer skewers with equal-sized chunks of chicken, pork and sausage for a flavorful dipping option. Feel free to incorporate veggies like onions, peppers and pineapples with the meat for extra flavor. Guests can easily dip or ladle the BBQ sauce from the home fountain onto these delicious skewers. Grilling vegetables like red, green and yellow chilies, zucchini slices and corn all taste even better dipped in your BBQ-filled fondue fountain.

Fun Fondue Fountain Display Ideas for a Wild West BBQ

If you want to incorporate a western theme into your summer BBQ, you might place a miniature replica of cowboy boots as a home fountain topper or use a small cowboy hat. Set the fondue fountain table with a tablecloth in a red bandana pattern. You might wrap a couple of wide vases in twine, and with floral foam in the bottom, insert the meat skewers. Use food-safe, flat wood pieces, like hickory logs, instead of platters to display your dipping treats.

Your home fountain will be the star of your wild west BBQ, and guests won’t be able to get enough of your homemade sauce flowing freely in your fondue fountain.  Make sure you have plenty of food to go around!