Market to your clients. Offer your commercial chocolate fountain services and be ready with a Mother’s Day brunch plan featuring Sephra chocolate and fabulous dipping treats which no mother will turn down.

Set the Scene for an Elegant Mother’s Day Brunch

Either photograph a previous Mother’s Day brunch you hosted or set the scene and photograph it prior to a commercial chocolate fountain open house for prospective clients. This way, you can use mouth-watering visuals to seduce potential clients.

You might begin with creating a beautiful display table for your commercial chocolate fountain. A pale pink floral tablecloth with a dark pink or grass green runner could begin the flowery color scheme. Your commercial chocolate fountain may also feature a lovely floral arrangement as a topper, and the table could have small silver vases filled with white and pink flowers interspersed among the platters of dipping treats.

Place pale pink napkins and skewers in white baskets next to a stack of white plates. Then, you can use a variety of vintage milk glass plates and antique cake stands combined with silver footed bowls to set the stage for an elegant Mother’s Day brunch. You might also string strands of pearl-like beads around the commercial chocolate fountain or around the bases of the platters for an extra special touch.

Spark Appetites with Sephra Chocolate and Delicious Dipping Treats

Sephra commercial chocolate fountain It’s always important to offer an array of fresh fruit for dipping and to alleviate the sweetness of baked goods and confectionary dipping treats. To jazz it up, skewer fresh berries and melons and insert them into floral foam inside antique tea pots and silver urns along the display table. On top of one cake stand, arrange several antique tea cups and fill with miniature marshmallows. In the silver footed bowls, fill with one with pink and green meringues and the other with coconut macaroons.

Place angel food cake bites on a vintage milk glass plate and mini cheese cake bites on another. Use tiered plates to house selections of ladyfingers, vanilla wafer cookies, shortbread and mini blueberry muffins.

Of course, you can offer Sephra chocolate for commercial chocolate fountains in white, milk or dark chocolate varieties, or even a combination if the brunch will be a large one. As long as Sephra chocolate for commercial chocolate fountains is part of the brunch, your clients will take one look at your Mother’s Day presentation and take one taste of your Sephra chocolate samples- and they will be unable to say no!