Sephra Popcorn

David Archer, Managing Director, launches Sephra Popcorn at the NRA Show 2022


Sephra Popcorn – the UK’s number one best-selling tubbed popcorn brand – has launched in the USA!

New tubbed popcorn is the latest exciting addition to our fun food range.

Designed for kids, families and fun food-loving consumers, Sephra Popcorn is already the number one tubbed popcorn product in the UK.

Stocked by UK retail giants Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons, Sephra Popcorn is now available to stock in the USA for the very first time.

Boost sales with Sephra Popcorn 

Sephra Popcorn

Our tubs come in two different sizes


The UK best-seller can help your supermarket or retail chain generate extra revenue quickly and easily, thanks to Sephra’s colorful, eye-catching tubs.

Sephra popcorn is available to order two different sizes depending on the retail space you have available.

We can even supply* the popular snack in private label, custom-branded tubs to give your business the competitive edge.

Our exciting range of flavors include Caramel, Salted Caramel, Butter Toffee, Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn, and Rainbow varieties.

Each batch is made to the highest standard, using fresh, quality ingredients.

And we use unique cardboard retail popcorn tubs lined with StayFresh foil to keep each puff in peak condition for optimum eating pleasure.

We guarantee quality whether your customers plan to enjoy them as part of a home cinema experience, or on-the-go.

What makes Sephra’s retail popcorn different?


Popcorn can help you drive more profit at point of sale


Traditional cinema popcorn is typically made purely with butterfly kernels which have an irregular shape and bumpy texture when popped.

While tasty, the drawback is that, because of this light, crispy texture, the popcorn can break easily. This happens particularly when you try to add thicker coatings.

It tends to disintegrate, leaving nothing but crumbs, but mushroom-shaped popcorn is round (as you might expect) with a rough surface.

This sturdier shape makes it ideal for you to add flavorings, such as powdered cheese, or sugar or Glaze Pop.

Sephra retail popcorn’s high percentage of caramel mushroom kernels means extra seasoning on every puff. The result? A snack that’s full of flavor.

To find out more about stocking Sephra retail popcorn, or private label, custom-branded popcorn, email

*Minimum order quantity applies. 

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New! Private label, custom-branded popcorn from Sephra