We’re often asked “What’s the difference between our Sephra Belgian Chocolate and Premium Chocolate?”  The short answer is like comparing the difference between whole milk and 2% milk. The whole milk is richer, while the 2%, having less cream content, is a bit lighter. The same is true of our Belgian and Premium chocolate fondue. Sephra Belgian Chocolate has a seductively warm, silky smooth texture and intensely rich flavor. Our Belgian chocolate casts the most alluring aroma and accentuates the flavor of dipped fruit. Sephra Premium is a bit lighter. It’s made in the USA using the finest most flavorful cacao ingredients. Sephra Premium fondue chocolate has a deliciously sweet, unforgettable taste. Both are extremely luscious as fondue chocolate as well as delicious baking chocolate. Try our Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe – it will quickly become one of your favorite cookies recipes. Personally, I almost always go with the Belgian. It is definitely worth the little bit extra you pay. However, if I am having a kids party, I will use the Premium. All other events are worth the Belgian. If its worth getting together around the fountain – it’s worth having the most extraordinary chocolate fondue.

Imported Belgian Chocolate

Sephra Belgian Chocolate is, of course, imported from Belgium.  It is rich with a great depth of flavor, that is second to none.  This specially formulated couverture chocolate is made especially for use in both commercial and home chocolate fountains.  It is all-natural, Kosher Dairy certified, gluten and trans fat free.  It needs no additional oil added to flow smoothly and perfectly through your chocolate fountain.

The Belgian Dark chocolate has 62.5% of cacao and 38% cocoa butter, giving it a deep chocolate intensity without any bitter after taste.  It’s rich and creamy, with an aroma that will have your guests flocking to the chocolate fountain to dip juicy strawberries, puffy marshmallows or salty pretzels into the flowing curtain of deliciousness.  We’ve had hundreds of guests tell us they normally don’t care for dark chocolate because of the bitterness, but have raved about our dark (semi-sweet) Sephra Belgian chocolate and have become dark chocolate ‘converts’.

Our Belgian Milk chocolate is probably our most beloved chocolate.  Its’ unrivaled appeal is welcome at weddings, birthdays, holiday parties and celebrations of every size and kind.  We never see anything but smiles as guests meet and greet around the chocolate fountain.  It’s the perfect ice-breaker at a big gathering, helping guests interact, but just as intimate at a small celebration where people know each other and comment on how amazing fresh pineapple is – dipped in the Sephra Belgian milk chocolate.

Become a magician and a culinary wizard with our Belgian White chocolate.  Its’ delicious on its’ own, but oh so much fun to change up with Sephra oil-based food coloring. The chocolate coloring enhances the experience, but does not change the rich creamy flavor of the white chocolate. We marveled at the green Saint Patrick’s Day fountain we created.  We loved the light lavender fondue fountain we made for a young lady celebrating her Bat Mitzvah.  What a great way to do a gender-reveal party…pink for that expected baby girl and blue for the little guy about to enter our world.  No end to colors and celebrations you can create.

Belgian Baking Chocolate

Not only that, but Sephra Belgian chocolate makes an amazing addition to all your baked goods. You’ll make the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever baked or toss a handful into a batch of cake, brownie or muffin batter. Try Sephra Belgian chocolate chips melted into the richest, most luxurious cup of hot chocolate you’ve ever savored.  Use Sephra Belgian chocolate anywhere you want the added richness of creamy, silky smooth chocolate goodness. The chocolate stays creamy – even after baking. No more biting into a hard chocolate chip! Sephra chips stay smooth, creamy and melt in your mouth in all of your favorite recipes.

Try all of our Sephra Belgian Chocolate varieties.  You’ll fall in love with chocolate all over again and again and again!