Valentine’s Day is always such a special occasion at Sephra. We enjoy helping customers to celebrate this fun occasion by thinking up with new and unique items that can be dipped into our delicious fondue chocolates. Perhaps something from our 2019 list with strike a chord with you to aid in “creating sweet memories.”

  • Bourbon Soaked Cherries
  • Lady Fingers
  • Peanut Butter Cookie Pieces
  • Frozen Napoleon Cake Pieces
  • Almond Infused Meringues
  • Frozen Mini Cannolis
  • Glacéed Orange Slices
  • Champagne Infused Strawberries
  • Buttercream Balls
  • Frozen Tiramisu Pieces

If you want to be very creative, chocolate is not the only item that can be run through our fondue fountains. You can also run other liquids that were published in a previous Sephra blog post at the URL below:

Have fun with your Valentine’s Day celebration and let your creativity be the key!