Chocolate with probiotics could be the perfect solution to an upset stomach, according to recent research on the positive effects of probiotics on diarrhea. Probiotic chocolate not only tastes delicious, but helps retain more of the probiotics than those found in food like yogurt — making it a delicious option for maintaining optimum digestive health!

The Promising Future of Probiotic Chocolate According to the article “Probiotics May Help Soothe the Stomach,” by Whitney Blair Wyckoff, supplements that contain probiotics, which is the term for healthy bacteria your body needs, help soothe upset stomachs and diarrhea.Wyckoff cites the Cochrane Library review of 63 probiotics studies that all show how probiotics reduce the amount of time a person will suffer from diarrhea without any adverse side effects. The Cochrane Library also determined that probiotics reduced the occurrence of extreme diarrhea attacks that last four days or more by 59 percent.

Probiotics can be added to yogurt, soy milk, certain juices and miso and still be effective at combating the sometimes debilitating effects of prolonged diarrhea, according to Dr. Stephen Allen, who headed the Cochrane Library’s review of the probiotics studies. Researchers are hopeful that probiotic supplements will help people suffering from often chronic diarrhea that can be life-threatening in third world countries. Finding a way to introduce probiotic supplements to developing countries’ populations could help reduce the mortality rate from something that should be controlled, like diarrhea.

Adding probiotics to chocolates not only achieves the positive results of probiotic use on upset stomachs and diarrhea, but is a delicious alternative to purchasing expensive probiotic supplements.

Soothing Your Upset Stomach With Probiotic Chocolate Chocolate with probiotics is an easy way to get a healthy dose of probiotics and regulate digestive health, as well as help curb any unpleasant bouts of diarrhea.An upset stomach can be the result of stress, eating greasy food, taking medication and even be the result of aging. Helping to retain digestive balance and correct the amount of good bacteriain the digestive system can be achieved by consuming probiotic chocolate.Chocolate with probiotics that taste delicious and help promote digestive health this just another great reason to indulge!