A truly delicious creme brulée is usually enjoyed in upscale restaurants, where it’s prepared by a gourmet chef.  However, there is a way to serve equally delicious creme brulée at home for your next party or business social that will impress your guests and their palettes. The secret is using Sephra’s Creme Brulée mix!

Sephra’s Creme Brulée is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Creme BruleeSephra’s imported Belgian Creme Brulée pouches make dessert a gourmet affair – without the necessity of being a gourmet pastry chef. Simply add hot milk or water to Sephra’s Belgian Creme Brulée mix, stir, cool in individual serving dishes, and voila! You have rich, decadent creme brulée with minimal effort and maximum taste. Sephra also kept your health in mind and made the creme brulée mix free of transfats.

Although Sephra offers its imported Belgian Creme Brulée mix in individual pouches, if you buy a case of crème brulée mix, which is six pouches that make 20 four ounce servings each, then you’re only paying 63 cents per serving! Where can you go and order creme brulée for only 63 cents? Even ordering prepared creme brulée from a caterer or bakery would cost more than it would to simply make it at home using Sephra’s delicious mix.

Don’t Forget the Fire

Creme brulée isn’t quite as tasty without caramelized sugar for a crisp, light brown treat. A butane culinary torch is the answer. You can easily find one at stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond. They are user-friendly and equipped with a safety lock so curious children won’t be able to use it.

They usually come with an adjustable flame and convenient 6.5 inch height, it’s the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Creme brulée isn’t the only dessert that benefits from a little culinary scorching. Your torch can be used on meringue pies, bread pudding, baked Alaska, custards or even on ice sculptures to get that perfect shape.

So what are you waiting for? Order Sephra’s Creme Brulée mix and grab butane torch and start impressing friends, family and business associates with your gourmet skills.