Years from now, as friends and family recall your wedding day or party, they’ll remember your smile, your excitement and some details of your wedding reception.
They’ll recall where you had the reception and have a vague idea of what the decorations looked like.
Maybe they’ll remember some details of your gorgeous dress, but have no doubt… they will remember the chocolate fountain!
Chocolate strawberry

Here are a few more reasons to hire a chocolate fountain for your wedding reception or party: 

  • It makes a great centerpiece and can be decorated to complement your theme
  • It’s fun to watch – your younger guests will be smitten!
  • You can use it outdoors with the addition of a Wind Guard 
  • It’s a great conversation starter
  • You can fondue many things, including chocolate, cheese and even Lotus Biscoff!
  • The dipping options are endless – strawberries, apple, banana, pineapple, marshmallows, cream puffs, mini donuts… the list goes on!
  • Some might say a party isn’t a party without a chocolate fountain

Hints and tips to help your party go with a swing

Wedding reception

  • Makes sure you have plenty of napkins, plates or serving trays to catch any drips. No one wants any fondue on their good frock!
  • Wooden skewers are a must (and the most cost effective)! Make sure you order plenty
  • Make sure your caterer has a Fountain Grate to save your guests having to go ‘fishing’ for lost strawberries and marshmallows in the fountain
  • A Drip Guard will help keep your table neat and clean and will be very much appreciated by the clean-up crew! This is even more important if your party is outdoors. Trust us, blowing chocolate is a thing!

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