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Chipotle Cheese Sauce Fondue

Chipotle Cheese Sauce is delicious any time of year, however, even more fantastic for Cinco de Mayo or any type of Mexican Fiesta, taco bar or anything with Mexican Food. Great party food recipe for game day, too. It’s a guys favorite recipes for sure! Do Cinco de Mayo right with this fondue recipe.

The Decorettes are Coming! Candy Sprinkles for Everything!

Hello to all our awesome foodologists; caterers, bakers, cakers, cafe owners and fountain rental folks! We are rolling out a red carpet for you – covered with new products and cool ideas to say “thanks for being our totally amazing customers”!

The 30 Minute Meltdown

Yet another impressive feature about the Sephra Chocolate Fountain! Sephra is the ONLY chocolate fountain on the market which allows you to melt chocolate chips right in the fountain basin. Yep, you heard it here. Commercial as well as home fountains. That is a pretty simplifying feature if you’re talking about setting up a chocolate fountain for any event. Simply turn on the fountain heating element; sprinkle chips right into the basin; stir occasionally and voila! Within 30 minutes you’ll have warm, silky chocolate flowing flawlessly in your fountain.

Banana Toffee Pudding

This past Easter we were delighted to have a business associate join us for the holiday. She needed to meet with us and the only time schedules coordinated was over Easter weekend. We wanted her to feel welcome and included in our celebration, so asked what she typically served for Easter dessert? Since she is currently living in Fiji and had recently relocated from Australia, but originally hails from the UK, we had no idea what to expect and were admittedly a little nervous. Something with pineapples, or coconut? A dessert you can quickly fashion on the bar-by? Or some bland (no offense England…) minced meat pie thing?

Sephra Cake Batter Cookies

If you ever need to whip up something delicious in a jiff – this is for you. Yesterday I got a call from a friend I haven’t seen for months. She was in the area and was going to drop in for a quick cup of coffee. Well, you know how it is….you don’t want to just pour a naked cup a coffee, so not having any fabuous French pastries on hand (joke…) I wondered what to serve. I really needed something quick and tasty to go with my notoriously bad coffee. Yes, I make weak coffee and everybody complains. Knowing my coffee needed a companion, I rummaged through the pantry and found a box of lemon cake mix. I didn’t really have time to make a full blown cake with frosting, as she said she’d be here shortly but I remembered a quick cookie recipe I had heard of using cake mix and Sephra chocolate chips. Yep, it pays to have those on hand at all times. A staple in my house. You can NEVER go wrong adding Sephra chocolate.

Maple Glazed Pepper Bacon

This recipe is totally amazing. It needs a post of its own. We may need to create the category “Bacon” which is really not our genre, but this is awesome stuff. This recipe is not difficult, but does take a little attention. You need to be available to slather on more maple syrup and pepper from time to time. Trust me. Totally worth it.

How to Add Color to Your Chocolate Fountain

Throwing an Event? Make it Fabulous! Whether you’re looking to throw an amazing baby shower, wedding shower, or celebrate Mother’s Day in color, here’s a few fast easy tips to coloring your chocolate fountain to match! Nothing completes an event more perfectly than a chocolate fondue fountain with dyed to match chocolate flowing over the tiers. Trust me. You will get more ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ throwing a baby shower for the soon-to-be mother of a little girl a with a soft pink chocolate fountain. Or equally as adorable is a baby blue fountain for a boy. Too stinkin’ cute. Am I right? I know I am. Not to mention the delicious fruit and treats dipped into the fountain will be the highlight of the menu, as well.

Caterers Nightmare Turns to Sweet Dreams

Time to RESET your chocolate fountain brain. Did you know, Sephra offers many products to help you increase your business, while also keeping the chocolate fountain neat and orderly? Here’s just a few of these great little inventions, aka lifesavers, aka buck boosters! These products will definitely give you a competitive edge and professional image. So get back out there with that chocolate fountain! It can be an amazing source of income for your catering business or as the catering manager at hotels and venues. It’s warm flowing chocolate fondue – let’s do this!

Make Mother’s Day

One day each year we take time out to honor our Mothers. It’s Mother’s Day – this year on Sunday, May 8, 2016. A day when we do special things for a special lady. Now this should probably happen more than once a year, but as a mother myself, I’m going to take what I can get! Did you know scientific research proves that 14 out of 10 Moms LOVE CHOCOLATE! Folks here at Sephra can totally relate to moms!