When a client asks to rent a Sephra chocolate fountain, the next natural question is what type of chocolate should be used in the fountain?  Be ready with an answer by learning about the varieties of Sephra’s chocolate for chocolate fountains. Be sure to mention Sephra’s unique recipe that makes its chocolate ready for the fountain with no extra ingredients.

Why Sephra Chocolate is Special

In 2003, Sephra developed a special recipe for its chocolate that would it allow it to be ready for the chocolate fountain without additives like vegetable oil. No other chocolate fountain offered this unique, yet delicious ready-made chocolate for its fountains. Choosing the right chocolate for your chocolate fountains is essential to ensure guests are pleased and clients are satisfied with their chocolate fountain rental experience.

Sephra offers three exceptional varieties for its fountains, all offered in dark semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. Of course, you could easily offer clients a package where they rent two smaller fountains, or for larger gatherings, 1 large (like the Montezuma) and 1 small fountain (such as the Aztec) and choose two chocolate varieties. Sephra’s chocolate fountain chocolate is packaged for portion control in 2 pound bags, also helping it last longer between events.

Belgian Imported Chocolate

Sephra offers pure imported Belgian chocolate, which is the original chocolate blend developed for use in its chocolate fountains. This chocolate uses all natural ingredients with no hydrogenated oils or substituted vegetable fats. It’s also kosher certified and contains 62.5 percent cocoa solids so you can be confident offering this option to your clients.

Premium Chocolate

Sephra’s premium gourmet chocolate is also made for direct use in Sephra’s chocolate fountains without adding any ingredients. This premium chocolate is made in the USA, is also kosher certified, and uses all natural ingredients. In today’s health-conscious climate, offering a natural chocolate product with 58.5 percent cocoa solids and no hydrogenated oils or substituted vegetable fats makes it more appealing and easier for diet-minded clients to order.

Melano Chocolate

The Melano chocolate variety was developed particularly for use by confectioners who want chocolate that will harden rapidly after dipping food or for creating chocolate molds. It is often called a compound coating because it contains more than 5 percent vegetable fat that was substituted for the cocoa butter usually present in chocolate. Melano also substitutes cocoa powder for chocolate liquor. This makes Melano perfect for making candy in addition to flowing through Sephra’s chocolate fountains with ease, yet reducing messes by hardening quickly on food dipped in it by hungry guests. It is an economical choice and requires no tempering like its cocoa butter-based relatives.

Sephra is synonymous for quality chocolate – and your clients’ palates will certainly appreciate the smooth and fine taste of Sephra’s chocolate for chocolate fountains!