Milk chocolate for chocolate fountains is loved by everyone. Even people who prefer dark or white chocolates will enjoy a chocolate fountain filled with Sephra’s Belgian milk chocolate, especially if accompanied by the perfect dipping treats.

Setting the Scene for Dipping Treats (Practically Speaking)While choosing the right dipping treats to accompany your milk chocolate fondue is essential, so is making sure you offer enough skewers, dessert plates and napkins within easy reach of your hungry guests. Skewers should only be used once and then discarded, so it’s important to allocate enough skewers per guest (assuming that each person will make multiple trips and enjoy multiple dipping treats during each trip) so that you’ll end up with a surplus. In addition, providing napkins at each end of the display table will ensure that all your guests will be properly protected from dripping chocolate.

Healthy Dipping Treats for Milk Chocolate Fondue Fresh fruit is always a popular dipping treat. Strawberry slices are the most popular dipping treat for milk chocolate for chocolate fountains. Alternating pear slices with blackberries on a skewer not only looks attractive on the display table, but tastes delicious dipped in milk chocolate. It’s also wise to use Sephra’s NatureSeal on fruit like strawberries and pears which will turn brown. NatureSeal won’t alter the flavor, but will keep the fruit looking fresh for hours.

Sweet and Salty: Baked Goods and Confectionary Dipping Treats Once you have your healthy dipping treats chosen, it’s time to move on to selecting sweeter options. Milk chocolate can be paired with just about any dessert, but the most popular choices include bite-size blondies, Sephra’s vanilla crème cookies, sliced cheesecake, cubed pound cake, and shortbread bites. Popular confections for milk chocolate for chocolate fountains include Sephra’s marshmallow jammies, coconut macaroons, white chocolate-coated macadamia nut clusters and toffee squares. Don’t forget that salty snacks also complement the richness of milk chocolate, such as pretzels and popcorn balls. A combination of these dipping treats will not only delight your guests, but will keep them coming back to the chocolate fountain table to indulge their appetite for milk chocolate fondue.