The travel industry is suffering in these depressed economic times when families are concentrating on saving money and taking day trips instead of springing for a hotel room. Here are some ideas for showing hotels that by investing in a chocolate fountain rental, they can convince more guests to turn that day trip into a weekend event!

Attract Overnight Guests With a Weekend Chocolate Fountain Extravaganza!

Approaching a hotel to market your chocolate fountain rental business might sound intimidating, but using the right angle can help you get your foot (and your chocolate fountain) in the door. If you have done an event, such as a charity dinner or wedding, at a particular hotel, you might begin at that location.It’s likely that the staff saw your chocolate fountain in action and how well people responded to it.

Ask the manager if the hotel is experiencing reduced reservations, especially during weekends, and then offer an incentive. Tell the manager that by advertising a chocolate fountain in the lobby available to guests staying at the hotel on the weekend will help boost their reservations. People love chocolate for chocolate fountains, and by investing in a weekend chocolate fountain rental, they would encourage people to stay overnight.

Customized Dipping Treats Helps Guests Recall Which Hotel Offers Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate fountains in hotel lobby In addition to simply having a weekend chocolate fountain rental to entice guests to stay overnight, you could offer to provide customized dipping treats that evoke the hotel’s brand. These customized dipping treats could be cookies decorated with the hotel’s colors and name, shaped like the hotel logo and decorated accordingly, or be a combination. If you bring a sample to your pitch meeting, you could help win over the manager to give your chocolate fountain rental idea a try.

Arranging customized dipping treats in an attractive way on platters by the chocolate fountain rental will ensure that guests partaking in the delicious chocolate fountain will not only enjoy the experience, but comment on the specialized hotel cookies. Of course, you might also lay out sliced strawberries and bananas for healthier dipping treats so that guests may enjoy chocolate dipped fruit and cookies.

Once word gets out about the delicious chocolate fountain rental in the lobby of this hotel on weekends, reservations are likely to increase. Families, couples and even business travellers might choose to stay at that hotel rather than a different one because everyone will enjoy the chocolate fountain rental as a sweet bonus for staying overnight – and you’ll enjoy the revenue of a regular chocolate fountain rental client.