“Mom, I can’t find my cell phone” “Mom, where are my jeans?” “Hey, Honey, what’s for dinner”? Poor dear Mom, Mother, Honey (aka wife) Mommy or whatever you call her is always “ON CALL”!

One day each year we take time out to honor our Mothers. It’s Mother’s Day – this year on Sunday, May 8, 2016. A day when we do special things for a special lady. Now this should probably happen more than once a year, but as a mother myself, I’m going to take what I can get!

Did you know scientific research proves that 14 out of 10 Moms LOVE CHOCOLATE! Hey we’ve done the math. Folks here at Sephra can totally relate to moms!

Here are a few tasty suggestions (which include chocolate, of course) to help you, easily and economically, celebrate her day. Make Mom feel special and yet she won’t have to cringe and call in a cleaning crew after you’re done in HER kitchen.

Strawberry Waffles with Chocolate DrizzleMother’s Day Brunch

Let’s start off sweet and slow. Not too early, so let’s do brunch. Golden brown waffles, made with Sephra’s Belgian Waffle Mix (just add water) topped with fresh strawberries, slathered with whip and a delicious chocolate drizzle. YUM.

Easy Waffle Recipe Ingredients:

Sephra Waffle Mix

Water to mix


Whipped topping

Sephra Premium Dark Chocolate


Pour waffle mix in a bowl, add water and bake in your waffle iron.

Wash and slice strawberries, adding a little sugar or Splenda. Stir to coat.

Top your golden, warm waffle with the berries, swirl on whipped topping and then drizzle with warm, melted Sephra Premium Dark Chocolate.

I can tell you, they are absolutely awesome! After all, somebody had to eat the food pictured here, so I volunteered. If you’re up for it, Maple Pepper Bacon makes a great side to waffles. This is probably the best bacon I have ever had. The bacon takes a little time and patience, but it’s so worth it. You’ll find the bacon recipe below and while it’s not difficult, it does take some attention.

Chocolate Mousse? or Creme Brulee?

Chocolate Mousse RecipeBefore heading for an afternoon of family fun you can easily whip up a gourmet dessert that is going to knock Mom’s socks off! Imagine serving Mom Belgium Dark Chocolate Mousse swirled into Chocolate Dessert Cups. She can eat the mousse AND the cup. Now, that’s LOVE!!!

Or let you’re “inner Chef” come out and fix the creamy, crunchy Creme Brulee. Both are easy, (like really easy) affordable and ELEGANT! She’ll adore you! You can take full credit for being “Chef Supreme” and she won’t even know how easy everything was to prepare.

Just so you don’t panic at thinking you have to make 30 Mousse dessert cups, the recipe for making fewer portions is on the bag. You’ll have left over dessert mix to make special treats for Memorial Day, Grandpa’s birthday or your sister’s bridal shower! Prepare these early, so they’ll have time to chill and be ready later for a mind blowing dessert.

Creme Brulee RecipeAfternoon is time to play or relax. Mom’s choice. How long has it been since you’ve gone bowling or played miniature golf? If you’re on one coast or the other, a walk on the beach is always in order or a local park is fun for kids to swing and adults to chat. How about no cell phones for the afternoon? I don’t know…could we do that? It would be fun to try – let’s devote our attention to MOM!!! Whatever you do, it’s time for Mom to Relax.

Serve something easy for dinner (crock pot recipe?). Then top it off with Sephra White or Dark Chocolate Mousse swirled into yummy edible chocolate cups or smooth, silky Creme Brulee for dessert! Now that’s a menu a Mother could LOVE!! Sephra offers products so delicious, and easy, she’s going to think you took her to the most expensive restaurant in town for dessert  – and you made it!!

Maple Glazed Pepper Bacon:


Maple Glazed Pepper Bacon

12 oz. package of bacon

Coarse ground black pepper1/3 cup maple syrup (I used Mrs. Butterworths, but use the maple syrup in your pantry)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.Lay individual strips on raised rack in rimmed baking sheet.Brush each bacon strip with syrup. Place in oven for 5 minutes.Remove and turn each piece over, brush with syrup and sprinkle with pepper.

Back in oven for 5 more minutes.

Continue same process; turning, adding syrup and pepper to taste 5 minutes at a time until you have reached the desired crispy, crunchy bacon you desire.

Like I said – a bit of work, but so worth it!!!

Give Mom Choices

If Mom just does berries – mix an assortment of her favorties with a tiny bit of sugar or honey. Smoosh the berries just a bit to bring out the natural juices. MMMM -Delish!

Sephra waffle mix

Now if Mom prefers just chocolate (I would be THAT Mom) see the photo below. I have already eaten this waffle in my dreams a million times. Nothing better than a sweet waffle filled with our melted fondue chocolate. Using Sephra chocolate here is key – you don’t want to grab a bag of chocolate chips off the shelf at your supermarket. Nope. Don’t do it! It will really make a big difference to use the best fondue chocolate.

Sephra waffles with chocolate fondue

Wishing all Moms a Yummy and Happy Mother’s Day – from your friends at Sephra!