Hello Friends, This is my first post to our NEW SEPHRA JOURNAL and it is an important topic for me because it’s about taking care of our customers. When you purchased your Sephra Commercial Chocolate Fountain you made a significant investment for your business. Many of you have now owned your Sephra Chocolate Fountain for a few years and it is important that you protect your investment by having your chocolate fountain properly serviced.

Like all equipment the chocolate fountain has parts that are subject to wear and tear over time that must be serviced and replaced to ensure efficient and continued operation. These parts include the seals, bearings motor brushes and drive shaft. The motor may also require oil for the gear box.  This maintenance is especially important to those chocolate fountain operators who make use of their chocolate fountain for extended periods of time each day, such as for use on a buffet line.

As the summer is upon us I know that you will be busy with your events and encourage you to not delay and make an appointment to have your Sephra Chocolate Fountain properly serviced. It will give you great peace of mind and ensure that your chocolate fountain continues to provide years of service to your business. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great summer. We wish you the greatest of success and appreciate your business.

PS. We started importing chocolate from Belgium. It is amazingly delicious and simple to make.