Probiotics are good bacteria or beneficial microorganisms that are needed in the body to keep your digestive tract healthy. Science is increasingly showing the benefits of probiotic supplements, like probiotic chocolate. Following are ten incredible reasons to include chocolate with probiotics in your diet.

Benefits of Probiotic Chocolate for Women

Probiotic chocolate might help women maintain urogenital health. By increasing the beneficial microorganisms in your body, chocolate with probiotics could help prevent urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections in women, according to the Harvard Medical School guide.

How Probiotics Can Help Children

The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide published “Health Benefits of Taking Probiotics” and states the research shows that consuming probiotic supplements, such as probiotic chocolate, can significantly delay the onset of childhood allergies.

The article, “Bug Crazy: Assessing the Benefits of Probiotics” by Laura Johannes, cites a study published in the journal Pediatrics that tested 83 infants with colic. Of those 83 babies, the group who consumed a probiotic supplement reduced the median crying time from 197 minutes to just 51 minutes a day. The control group, according to Johannes, was given a common colic medicine, and their median crying time only fell to 145 minutes per day.

Benefits of Probiotics on Digestive Health

The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide also details how consuming probiotic supplements, like chocolate with probiotics, can play a large role in maintaining digestive and immune health. The Harvard Medical School guide states that “probiotics reduce antibiotic-associated diarrhea by 60 percent, when compared with a placebo.” Probiotic supplements can also help treat irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease, two uncomfortable digestive ailments with little relief.

Johannes cites a study funded by General Mills that shows scientific support that probiotic supplements speeds up digestion and helps consumers avoid constipation and bloating due to slow digestion. Johannes’s article also states that the use of probiotic supplements, such as chocolate with probiotics, can boost the immune system so that you can more easily stave off the negative effects of stress, aging and antibiotics on your body’s digestive health.

Benefits of Probiotics on Oral Health

probiotic chocolate benefitsJohannes states that probiotic supplements can improve oral health, according to several European studies. For example, Johannes cites a 42-patient study that found that those chewing a probiotic gum daily showed improved gum health. A Finnish study, according to Johannes, found that drinking probiotic milk prevented cavities.

While studies of probiotic chocolate are ongoing, the apparent benefits of consuming chocolate with probiotics are numerous, and with the delicious taste of probiotic chocolate, you have more than ten reasons to try them!