Business Ideas for Caterers, Coffee Shop Owners, Food Trucks – Even a Start Up

Are you the entrepreneur, the creative person who’s always wanted to start a small business, but didn’t have $100,000 to open the doors? Ahhh – this amazing little idea may be just what you’ve been searching for! Read on – this is a great innovative way to start your own small business!

Zen Waffles on a Stick - Great New Product for Caterers

Sephra Introduces Exclusive New Catering Equipment

We are pleased to introduce an innovative and exciting new version of waffles on a stick. We call them “Zen Waffles.” They are adorable little waffles on stick and sell like hotcakes! YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL LOVE THESE!


The SEPHRA ZEN WAFFLE BAKER is a real game changer. For a nominal investment in $$$ and very little time, you can increase your current bottom line, BIG TIME, if you currently own a business. OR, use this one eye-catching, delightful little product as a startup business – a new adventure that will be both profitable and ZEN you will have fun, too!

Waffles are a Great Catering Add-On

Waffles of all types are showing up at wedding receptions, hotel dessert nights and all kinds of fun events.

The Zen Waffles in particular make a great addition to your catering business and are perfect for cafes, coffee shops, ice cream shops, candy shops, as well as displayed on the dessert menu in the finest restaurants! What a perfect addition to any farmers market, holiday fair, country fair or craft show in your area.

Can you see the opportunity here? Bake Zen Waffles and deliver them to shops, hotels, coffee houses and bakeries in your area. Picture a cozy little shop where you feature ZEN WAFFLE STICKS, coffee, tea and hot chocolate, maybe a few ice cream cone choices and heck, even little sidebar featuring a small chocolate fountain and dippers.

A mecca for high school kids to drop by after school; families to congregate to enjoy some yummy snacks and the senior citizen’s choice for an afternoon outing.

Seasonal Catering Ideas – Zen Waffle Themes are Endless

ZEN Waffles on a stick can be decorated to highlight any season or event. They have no age limits; appeal to everyone, so your market is totally unlimited! They are easy to eat and can be topped with a variety of goodies; to reflect any holiday season.

Milk Chocolate, Cashews and Tiny Marshmallows?

We thought Sephra Milk Chocolate, chopped cashews and some mini marshmallows was a great looking combo, and oh so tasty! But, then there was white chocolate, multi-colored sprinkles topped with a Teddy Bear holding a gum drop. The Sephra Decorettes offer so many cute little sprinkles, and are sold in bulk, so it’s too hard to pick a favorite. You decide your Zen Waffle Stick decorations and see what works best! We certainly couldn’t pick a favorite! So many choices, so many hungry customers!

Pictured are our ‘treasurers’ in all their glory and these photos were taken on our first attempt at making ZEN Waffle Sticks, so you can see how easy it was and how nicely they turned out. If we can do it, so CAN YOU!

Where Can I Sell Zen Waffles on a Stick?

You can sell Zen Waffles pretty much everywhere. They are so unique and new to the market, they’ll add to your bottom line anywhere!

Taking Zen Waffles out and about to sell couldn’t be easier if you’d like flexibility in location. Take your ZEN Waffle Baker or pre-made Zen Waffle Sticks to the local Farmer’s market. What a fun idea for a wedding reception or graduation party. Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 Birthday or Quinceneras for the younger crowd. Wedding Anniversary parties featuring Zen Waffles on a Stick with Silver, Gold and Diamond Wedding anniversary décor.

Waffles on a Stick - Zen Waffles - Best New Catering Trends

Catering Ideas to Fit Every Event 

You can see the Zen Waffle Baker will appeal to absolutely every age group and compliment the theme at any given event! We brainstormed and came up with a few great ideas – great business opportunities for your Zen Waffle Business.

  • Catering Events
  • Cafes
  • Coffee Shops
  • Ice Cream Shops
  • Candy & Sweet Shops
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Bridal and Baby Showers
  • Graduation Parties – with school colors!
  • Bat and Bar Mitzvahs
  • Sweet 16 Birthday parties
  • Kids Birthday Parties
  • Quinceneras
  • Farmers Markets
  • Harvest Festival
  • Halloween Parties
  • Holiday Fairs
  • Country Fairs
  • Street Fairs
  • Craft Shows
  • Food Trucks!
  • Fine dining restaurant desserts

Take Your Business Anywhere

The Zen Waffle Baker machine is small enough to be very portable, so making ZEN waffle sticks at any given venue is easily doable. It is a commercial quality machine is weighs 60 lbs, so be sure to bring someone with muscle to put your waffle maker in place. Also, make your batter and fill your piping bags ahead of time… have ZEN Waffle Sticks, will travel!!!

Refrigerate for a stiffer batter, leave at room temp and it will squeeze more easily through the piping bag. We made 30 ZEN waffle sticks from the above batch amounts. A generous amount of servings from a minimal amount of batter, which makes for a very healthy bottom line.

Once again, Sephra has come up with a fun, family orientated product that can be customized to fit into your existing business or start up that Dream Business and BE YOUR OWN BOSS. Get your Sephra ZEN WAFFLE BAKER today; ZEN have fun and make money!