How to Make Zen Waffles

Zen Waffle Bakers are a brand new to the US – innovative catering equipment sold exclusively by Sephra! You may have seen Lolly Waffles and other types of stick waffles, but these really take the cake!

These little gems are real money makers if you own any kind of food service or catering business. Zen Waffles are actually so unique and appealing you could build a startup business just with the waffles themselves. Read our post about starting a small business with Zen Waffles.

This short video goes over the process and ease of creating Zen Waffles.

The Zen Waffle Kit

Your Zen Waffle Kit comes with everything you need to make a basic Zen Waffle – a heavy duty professional grade waffle maker; 40 lbs of Zen Waffle Mix and 1000 of the special waffle sticks.

The Zen Waffle Mix is quite delicious – it is not just ordinary waffle mix. It has been especially created by Sephra to make a waffley – cake like treat. Very yummy!

Choose your coatings and toppings – melted dark, milk or white chocolate, glazes, and any kinds of sprinkles or nuts are all fantastic! Remember Sephra Decorettes were especially made for this kind of food decorating – and are sold in bulk – so check them out. They are available in a multitude of cute shapes and colors.

How to Make Zen Waffles Making the Waffle Batter

The ingredients couldn’t be easier – just the waffle mix + water.

7 cups Sephra Waffle Mix

1 ¾ cups water

These amounts yielded about 30 waffles. That’s it! Nothing else to add. Use an electric mixer or just beat with a whisk. Beat waffle batter for about 2 minutes.

Tips to Simplify your System

  • Have a large piping bag ready. Sephra sells a good size on the website.
  • To fill your piping bag with ease, set into a tall vase or some kind of vessel to hold it steady. Just curl the top of the bag over the top of the vase. Fill your bag until about 4″ shy of the top.
  • Right before you’re ready to pipe, cut just a smidge off the tip. Start by cutting off too little in the beginng. Once you cut off too much you’re batter will be more difficult to pipe.
  • Seal the bag. Use a bag sealer, so much the better – it makes all the difference in ease of preparation. This prevents the batter from sneaking out the top of the bag.
  • Let the batter sit for about 15 minutes. I usually set it back in a vase of some sort of ‘holder’ while I am not piping.

Preheat Your Zen Waffle Baker

  • Now preheat your Zen Waffle Baker.
  • Set the top round dial to the #1; which turns is on.
  • Set the temperature dial to about 160 degrees to preheat.
  • While your baking waffles turn the baker up to 200 degrees. But for preheating and when not in use 160 is ideal.

***NOTE: To protect your waffle plates when not in use we suggest placing 2 waffle sticks in between the plates on the flat surface area in between the molds – and close the waffle baker – as shown in the video.

The waffle plates have already been seasoned and are ready to go.

Baking Zen Waffles

  • Open your waffle baker and remove the sticks you placed in the baker to protect the plates.
  • Get a good grip on your bag and starting piping at the top of the “wheat stalk” pattern, using a ‘left to right to left’ motion.
  • Working quickly, pipe the mold, scantly filled, to the bottom of the pattern.
  • Start filling the 2nd waffle mold immediately and repeat until all 3 are filled.
  • Close the machine right away and invert the entire top segment to the left, turning the machine completely over.
  • NOW – Remember to insert the waffle Sticks into the little holes now on the left side of the baker.
  • Set your timer. Bake for 2 ½ minutes.
  • Invert the waffle baker back to original position. Open the waffle baker.
  • Gently tug and loosen the waffles from the plates to remove.
  • Remove the waffle and trim off any little residual excess batter (known as flashing) while the waffle stick is still warm by running gloved hands over the waffle or rubbing two waffle sticks together. It’s super easy.

Now you’re ready to pipe another set of Zen Waffles into your baker! Three waffles can be completely baked about every 3 – 4 minutes.

Kids love Waffles on a Stick - Zen WafflesDecorating the Zen Waffles

Then dip, decorate and dress up your ZEN waffle sticks to your heart’s content. If you are baking and serving customers right away – let them choose the type of chocolate and topping to tickle their taste buds.

NOTE: If you are baking the waffles alone, I suggest baking all the waffles; remove the flashing and set aside. Then melt your chocolate; dip and decorate.

If you have an assistant, one person baking and one dipping and decorating is ideal. The waffles use a bit less chocolate when warm, so you save a little on your bottom line. I hold them upside down for a few seconds after dipping then sprinkle with toppings. You can stand them up in a holder similar to the one in the video to dry.

White Chocolate Dipped Waffles on a StickDipping Waffles

We used Sephra Milk Chocolate Melts and Sephra White Chocolate Melts for initial dipping, then adding Sephra Decorettes, a variety of sprinkles, shavings, sugars and even marshmallow bits (the tiny, tiny marshmallows). The Sephra Belgian or Premium chocolate is also delicous, but requires a bit of tempering before dipping.

We found adorable, edible Teddy Bears and Monkeys that could be attached, with an extra dab of chocolate, to the top of the ZEN waffle stick.

What Didn’t Work on our Zen Waffles

Some of the decorating tools we found which did not work well was melted fondant and mini M&M’s. The fondant was too gooey and the M&M’s too heavy. Stick to smaller candy bits.

Share Your Waffle Expertise

We’ll be experimenting and keeping you posted on new and delicious ideas for serving and decorating the Zen Waffles. If you find something you love, please, by all means, share it with us.

If you are preparing the ZEN waffle sticks ahead of time to take to a wedding reception, for example, insert a ZEN waffle stick in a plastic bag and wrap with twine, ribbon or even bead strips. Use your creative wrapping techniques to coordinate with the party theme.

Remember – The Zen Waffle Baker is Commercial Grade Equipment

The machine is small enough to be portable, however it is a heavy duty commercial waffle maker and weighs 60 lb. So, while making ZEN waffle sticks at any given venue is easily doable, make sure you have some muscle to help get the waffle baker in place.

Additionally, you can make your waffle batter and fill your piping bags ahead of time and keep refrigerated until use. Refrigerate for a stiffer batter, then leave at room temp and until it’s more easily squeezed through the piping bag.

We made 30 ZEN waffle sticks from the above batch amounts. A lot of waffles from a minimal amount of batter, which makes for a very healthy bottom line.

Most fun of all is watching the reaction of people when they see and eat the Zen Waffles! You will have some very happy customers.

All of our Customer Care reps at Sephra are happy to talk to you about the endless possibilities of the Zen Waffle Baker. Please call us for a chat.

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