If you’re looking for a way to make money fast, you are not alone. I looked on Google to see how many people were persuing this quest and the search terms that came up were all similar – and there were a lot of them. “How to make money”, “ways to make money”, “how to earn money” and one that really stood out -“how to work from home”.

The Dream Job – Make Money and Work From Home

So basically, the dream of our society is figuring out how to make money and work from home. I have solution and I am going to break down the information in dollars, cents, and amount of time it will take to recoup your investment.

No beating around the bush. Just facts on what you need to do it – and do it fast.

Small Business Start Up with Brand New Food Item

First of all – for this to work – you need to be interested to some degree in food, or money. Either will work. LOL. The small business start-up I am presenting involves an innovative food item. A glorious and delightful waffle on a stick like you or anyone, has probably never seen (unless you live in Belgium).

Waffles on a Stick

The Zen Waffle – Little Waffle on a Stick

We first spotted the Zen Waffle in Belgium. In fact, there is an entire shop which sell only these delightful little waffles on a stick. Once you see how this works – you’ll understand the options of decorating the waffles are pretty much endless, and therefore, so is your market.

Where to sell Zen Waffles:

  •  – coffee shops
  •  – cafes
  •  – ice cream shops
  •  – street fairs
  •  – food trucks
  •  – farmers markets
  •  – harvest festivals
  •  – holiday bazaars
  •  – chocolate fountain events
  •  – of course, incorporate them into your menu as a caterer
  •  – fine dining desserts as a restaurant owner

Zen Waffles on a Stick - Versatile Dessert Option

Zen Waffle Versatility

The Zen Waffle can be served as a decadent dessert atop caramelized ice cream or whatever your specialty may be. THEY ARE FANTASTIC.

Elegant desserts made with Zen Waffles

How Much Do I Need to Invest and How Long Before I’m Profitable

Enough about how fantastic they are. You can see the possibilities just by looking at them. Let’s talk about the bottom line.

How much do I need to invest and how long before I’m profitable?

Purchase Price of a Zen Waffle Baker – $2000 (Now stay with me)

– Includes Zen Commercial Grade Waffle Baker

– 40 lbs of Free Zen Waffle Batter (one pound of batter yields 20 Zen Waffles)

– 1,000 Zen Waffle Sticks

Total cost for all of the above: $2000

Average sales price per Zen Waffle: $3.50

Average gross profit per Zen Waffle: $2.50

So, Let’s Do the Math

Purchase Price Baker    $2000
Free Shipping    $0
40 lbs Free WaffleMix   -$100
1000 Free Waffle Sticks    $0
Net Investment    $1900
Profit of $2.50x 800    $2000
Waffle Sales Per Day for Return on Investment 
Zen Waffles Sold Per Day Days to Recoup Investment
10 76
15 51
20 38
25 30
30 28

Okay, so that’s pretty straight forward. Basically, the free waffle mix gives you the advantage of starting a business and pays for the waffle maker. Win/Win. Do it now! Get out there before your competitors do! Be the first in your area to introduce the Zen Waffle to your customers.

 How to make money with Zen Waffles on a Stick

Grow Your Business Slowly

There are a few other supplies you will want to have on hand to make the most of your Zen Waffles, such as Sephra Chocolate Melts and Sephra Decorettes.You can customize them to any type of holiday or event.

Start with a few basic choices and grow from there. We began with Sephra Milk Chocolate Melts, White Chocolate Melts and one or two types of decorettes. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

People are seldom fussy with a new product like this and you can draw them back promising new varieties of waffles – “be sure to check for our Halloween Waffles or Valentine’s Day waffles”. This will create curiosity and excitement!

I think I can safely say you can start up this amazingly fun and profitable small business for under $2,500. As you can see the recoup of your investment will happen quickly – depending on how you position yourself.

Sephra has some other pretty cool catering and restaurant equipment to help you grow your business, too. Have a look at our Bubble Waffles. Another new idea from Sephra.

Give our Customer Care team a call at Sephra for more information and ideas on the Zen Waffle Baker. They love to talk about Zensational items! 858-675-3088