Instead of offering clients multiple trays of skewered fruit, consider taking a little extra time to create fruit bouquets to brighten your chocolate fountain display table and perk up your commercial chocolate fountain rental business.

Start with the Right Fruit

Fruit such as strawberries, pineapples, bananas, cherries, raspberries and cantaloupes are not only perfect options for creating a unique and enticing fruit bouquet, but also taste even better once covered in Sephra’s decadent chocolate for chocolate fountains. You can use all of these fruits together or simply choose a few.

The Tools You May Need

All you’ll need is the fruit, long skewers, a melon baller, floral foam, a container, such as a flower vase or silver urn, cookie cutters in flower and heart shapes, and some greenery, such as parsley, to fill in any white space around the skewers.

How to Create the Fruit “Flowers”

Many fruit bouquets utilize pineapple as a base for the blossoming “flowers.” The best way to shape the pineapple is to cut it (peel still on) into half-inch round slices. Then, simply center either the flower or heart-shaped cookie cutter over the pineapple round and press. Voila! You have an edible flower or heart for your bouquet.

To create a center for your flowers, consider using the melon baller to scoop the cantaloupe. You can vary your flowers by using raspberries and cherries as well. Simply insert the skewer through the center of the flower-shaped pineapple and then attach your desired center over the protruding skewer (make sure the skewer point doesn’t show through the center). Now you have a beautiful and delicious flower perfect for dipping into a chocolate fountain.

You could then layer 6 cherries on a few skewers and then do the same with raspberries and strawberries. Then, cut your floral foam to fit inside the bottom of your container and start inserting your skewers at different angles, filling in the gaps and alternating among your single fruit strands and your pineapple flowers. Any empty space, once you’re finished, can be filled in with parsley to emulate leaves.

Now your chocolate fountain rental business will have a unique display option for your clients to enjoy!