Fall approaches and soon Halloween passes. Thanksgiving looms ahead, then comes Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve – a parade of holiday celebrations to plan and enjoy! The weather changes and the beautiful colors of Autumn blow away in the crisp wind. Soon the ground is white with snow and the temperatures chilly and cold. Nothing sounds more inviting than to cuddle up around the fireplace with a cozy cup of hot cocoa and maybe a crunchy cookie or two. Hot chocolate is even more delicious – and even life saving – at larger events you may be catering. Man – I could go for a cup right now! LOL

Sephra Chocolate Makes the Best Hot Chocolate

Sephra is the best chocolate to help you create one steaming mug of yummy hot chocolate; or a large vat of delicious hot cocoa to warm a chilly crowd. We have a basic hot cocoa recipe as well as some pretty clever ideas to add a little extra “Yum” to that mug, too. Our hot chocolate recipes are borrowed and tweaked from “The Pioneer Woman” TV blogger and Food Network star. We’ve added our own special touch – Sephra Chocolate.

Frankly, I can’t imagine how she does all she does, living in the middle of Oklahoma, with no grocery store a mile away, but she’s pretty organized and has some great ideas. Her basic hot cocoa recipe is as follows. We’ve added our Sephra Dark Chocolate Chips to give it extra pizzazz. Frankly, if you haven’t tried Sephra Chocolate before, you’re going to be surprised at the delicious difference it makes in all your chocolate recipes. Now is a great time to order – you will want to use it for so many holiday recipes. I promise – Sephra Chocolate does not disappoint.

What’s the Difference is between Sephra Belgian and Sephra Premium Chocolate?

Honestly, both the Belgian and the Premium Chocolate from Sephra are delicious. However, Belgian chocolate has a reputation for a reason. It is really totally awesome! For a few extra dollors, the Belgian is well worth it. But don’t feel like you are short changing your customers with the Premium Chocolate. We’ve worked long and hard to make sure all of our chocolate is the very best you can buy. The White Chocolate is only available in Belgian and Sephra White Melts for candy making.

Keep in mind that Sephra Chocolate comes in different sizes, depending on your use. If you’re a caterer or food service professional, you may want to go with the 20 lb case. If you’re going to use the chocolate for baking at home the 4 lb box is the way to go. But don’t forget to have enough on hand to do a chocolate fountain sometime over the holidays. It’s a real show stopper and will make memories for your holiday gatherings.

Hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up during the holidays. These are the best hot cocoa recipes using our Sephra Chocolate

Basic Hot Cocoa Recipe

Yields about 4 servings.



To make the basic hot chocolate, combine milk with half and half in a large saucepan.

Warm over medium-low heat (milk will scorch, so don’t heat it on high heat).

Stir in the chocolate chips. Stir until chips are melted (there will be some chocolate particles in the mixture).

Add the sugar, if you’d like it sweeter.

This makes the perfect cup of Hot Chocolate and it needs nothing more than maybe a dollop of whipping cream or a few mini marshmallows to top it off.

*Note: A crock pot works well for larger crowds or, like I often do, heat the milk and cream in the microwave.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate

However, there are many little things you can do to create a “gourmet” cup of hot cocoa. You will probably want to try all 5 recipes… after all, somebody has to ‘taste test’ these. It’s a tough job, but it may as well be you and your family who gives them all a try.

Orange Hot Chocolate

  • Start with the Basic Hot Cocoa Recipe
  • Add 4 large strips of orange rind to the milk mixture before you start heating.
  • The orange flavor will infuse the milk and add a nice citrusy note to the finished cup.

Raspberry Hot Chocolate

  • Start with the Basic Hot Cocoa Recipe
  • Add 3 tablespoons Raspberry Syrup (like the syrup added at that fancy coffeehouse) to each cup of hot chocolate
  • Before serving; top with a couple of fresh berries on top of the whipped cream.

Pretty to look at and oh, so good.

Peppermint Patty Hot Chocolate

  • Start with the Basic Hot Cocoa Recipe
  • Drop 1 or 2 mini Peppermint Patties into your cup before adding the hot milk.
  • They are amazing when they melt.
  • You can also use peppermint extract, but be careful… that stuff is strong

Mexican Hot Chocolate

  • Start with the Basic Hot Cocoa Recipe
  • Add ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Add a tiny pinch of chili powder to the mug before you stir in the hot milk mixture.
  • Use a whole cinnamon stick as a ‘stir stick’.

If you have never tried Mexican Hot Chocolate – it is delicious! Actually one of my favorites. I love the cinnamon and chili powder with the dark chocolate. MMMM mmmmm Start with a pinch of chili and go from there. Some of us are tougher than others!

You can use Sephra Milk Chocolate chips in any of the above recipes, if you choose. The end result will be a sweeter finished cup of Hot Chocolate.

Sephra White chocolate chips are amazing in this White Hot Chocolate recipe for adults only. Now if you’re absolutely sure Jimmy the Elf is driving the sleigh, and Rudolph has his Special GPS nose in gear, you may want to leave a cup of this Brandy Alexander Hot Chocolate out for Santa to enjoy with his cookies. It will make his night!


Yields about 4 servings.



In a large saucepan, heat milk to simmer (again over low heat; being careful not to scorch).

Remove from heat and add the Sephra white chocolate chips.

Whisk to melt chips; then stir in the brandy, crème de cacao and vanilla.

Fill mugs ¾ full and top off with whipped cream and white chocolate chips or shavings. Enjoy!

(But remember…no sleigh driving)

So, we hope we’ve filled your empty cup with good cheer and great Hot Chocolate. Here’s to a LONG winter ahead and lots of delicious Sephra Hot Cocoa Days. Thanks to the Pioneer Woman and Taste of Home for letting me share their recipes. We promise using Sephra Chocolate Chips will make their recipes even better. Hope she’ll give it a try!