A home chocolate fountain is a great addition to any small gathering, turning any get together into a memorable event.  If you are planning on hosting a larger event, however, your home chocolate fountain will become a hindrance rather than a hit. A commercial chocolate fountain rental is your answer.

Why Home Chocolate Fountains Aren’t Suitable for Larger Parties

Home chocolate fountains were designed with the homeowner in mind. They are small, easy to use, and hold just enough chocolate to entertain a few friends or family at home.

However, home chocolate fountains don’t hold enough chocolate to indulge large parties. This means that instead of mingling with guests, the host must constantly refill the chocolate fountain or recruit someone else to miss the party and be stationed by the fountain. This also means that a lot of the chocolate for fountains will be used inefficiently and with considerable inconvenience to guests and the host. People could be waiting in line for chocolate much longer while the fountain gets refilled, subsequently dampening the usually festive mood a chocolate fountain inspires at a party.

Benefits of Commercial Chocolate Fountain Rentals Commercial chocolate fountains come in sizes suited for larger gatherings so everyone can enjoy chocolate dipped treats without waiting around for it to be constantly refilled. Even if your party will consist of 50 to 75 guests, a home chocolate fountain won’t be able to handle this volume while a commercial chocolate fountain, like Sephra’s Montezuma or Aztec chocolate fountain, which are built to indulge this specific amount of people, will not only get the job done effectively, but will delight guests. Commercial chocolate fountains can be dressed up to complement your event with decorative toppers for an anniversary party, for example, or simply by choosing an appropriate finish, like brushed or polished stainless steel for a modern yet elegant presentation.

Dipping treats can reside on tiered plates, closer to eye level, and give the chocolate fountain station height and interest. Commercial chocolate fountains are also designed for easy use, and they cascade delicious chocolate fondue for chocolate fountain varieties. It won’t break the budget to rent a commercial chocolate fountain, and often, the rental fee includes the chocolate and various dipping treats. This makes it easier on the host, who can rely on the chocolate fountain vendor to set up the chocolate fountain station (in most cases) so the host can concentrate on other preparations, and most importantly, greet and mingle with guests!