Chocolate fountain

November is National Fun With Fondue Month in the USA so when better to whip out the home chocolate fountain for some family fun?


Fun with chocolate fondue

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Let’s start with chocolate fondue – probably the favorite of all time.

We all love the stuff and Sephras’ fondue chocolate is especially for chocolate fountains. It’s what we do!

We started out nearly 20 years ago – working with one of the world’s renowned chocolatiers to formulate the best tasting, most luxurious chocolate to run seamlessly through our chocolate fountains.

And all without adding oil.

We now sell fountain-ready Milk, Dark and White fondue chocolate. But if you can’t decide between Milk and Dark, you can create the most delicious melting pot by mixing equal quantities of both.

Or, if you like White Chocolate, try dying it one of our vibrant colors.


Lotus Biscoff fondue

Lotus Biscoff Topping Sauce

Lotus Biscoff fondue is our new favorite! The caramelized flavor is great for fall.

Try dipping sliced, fresh apple and pear, candy caramels, and little chocolate bars.

Cheese – another big favorite


Let’s not forget cheese fondue. The Nacho Cheese Fondue party is alive and well all year long. Have a Taco Fest and serve this easy cheese fondue recipe.

Cheese fondue is super popular – second only to chocolate – so keep that fountain flowing!


Maple Syrup 

Waffle with Maple Syrup

Grab easy frozen pancakes, French toast sticks, mini pancakes, and waffles and let your family dip them in warm, flowing Maple Syrup.

Serve a big pile of bacon and a pitcher of orange juice and, all of a sudden, breakfast is an awesome party. 

Take not, though… you’ll need about five cups of Maple Syrup for the fondue to fountain properly.

As if those ideas weren’t enough to tantalize your tastebuds, you might discover some more in our official round-up:

30 fondue ideas for fall 

Chocolate fountain

1. Belgian Milk Chocolate
2. Belgian Dark Chocolate
3. Belgian White Chocolate – Tinted!
4. Buttery Caramel
5. Swiss Cheese 
6. Cheddar Cheese
7. Blue Cheese
8. Chipotle Cheese Sauce 
9. Tomato Soup – With Grilled Cheese
10.Lotus Biscoff
11. Maple Syrup
12. Ranch Dressing
13. BBQ Sauce
14. Melted Cranberry Jelly and BBQ sauce
15. Pasta Sauce (with Meatballs, Pot Stickers, Ravioli and Gnocchi)
16. Hot Wing Sauce
17. Salted Caramel
18. Gravy
19. White Chocolate Peppermint – Oil-Based Flavoring
20. White Chocolate Orange – Use Oil-Based Flavoring
21. Milk Chocolate Orange – Oil-Based Flavoring
22. Dark Chocolate Raspberry – Oil-Based Flavoring
23. Dark Chocolate With Espresso Powder 
24. Dark Chocolate and Caramel
25. Dark and Milk Chocolate Combo
26. Dark Chocolate or Milk with Peanut Butter
27. Cinnamon Dark Chocolate
28. Pumpkin Spice 
29. Mexican Dark Chocolate
30. Dark Chocolate Kalua 

If all else fails get creative!

Will it fountain?

The fountain will circulate almost anything with a smooth texture. Use the viscosity cup to test if the fondue is thin enough.

If it runs through the viscosity cup within 8-10 seconds, it’ll run through the fountain perfectly.

As a rule of thumb, to thin the fondue for easy flowing, think: Will it be thinned best by water, broth, oil, or juice?

Use a like for like ratio if possible and, when in doubt, add water a little at a time.