So, as luck would have it, as we are in the chocolate fountain and fondue business – November is actually National Fondue Month! YAY! What a great opportunity to offer our fondue – ing friends 30 fondue ideas. Like I always say “a party is not a party without a chocolate fountain!” Apparently everyday of November is an opportunity for you to get out your Sephra Home Fondue and Chocolate Fountain and fondue it! Now you have a great ‘excuse’ (like anyone needs one to fondue)!

Fondue For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert

There a ton of fun fondue recipes your family and friends will love! Honestly, nothing is more fun than fondue for dinner, afternoon football parties, dessert buffets, and even fondue ideas for breakfast. Sound like fun? Fondue is always fun for everyone. Don’t have a chocolate fountain? There are a lot of options out there, but Sephra is the leading manufacturer of high quality commercial and home chocolate fountains for good reason. They are the best!  You can’t beat the Sephra Select at only $71.99. We had one run in our offices continually for 6 months. Whisper quiet. You could not even tell it was on!

Let’s Dive in with 30 Fun Fondue Recipes for Fall

Let’s begin with chocolate fondue, probably the favorite fondue of all time. We all love the stuff and Sephras’ fondue chocolate is especially for chocolate fountains. It’s what we do! We started 15 years ago working with one of the world’s renowned chocolatiers to formulate the best tasting, most luxurious chocolate to run seamlessly through the chocolate fountains – without adding vegetable oil. If you have not tried Sephra Chocolate – you really are missing out. Premium Milk and Dark chocolate fondue seem to be the most popular. If you can’t decide between the two, buy both and mix equal portions of milk and dark. MMMMmmm. But you will never need to add oil to your chocolate fondue – Never. Ick!

Experience Belgian Chocolate Fondue

For a few dollars more you can experience Belgian Dark, Milk and White chocolate fondue. The Belgian White Chocolate is so versatile, creamy and delish! Add coloring to match any party, shower, wedding or holiday theme. Sephra carries 7 different chocolate colors to tint the white chocolate. Choose any color to compliment your holiday or party theme, but remember, use Sephra Chocolate Coloring. What you get at the grocery store will cause your chocolate to seize up and no longer flow.

New Caramel Fondue

Sephra’s caramel fondue is the most decadent, creamy and buttery caramel you’ll ever taste. Fall parties find caramel fondue a big favorite for dipping sliced fresh apples and pears, candy caramels, little chocolate bars… what the heck, raid the kids Halloween stash and dip it all in caramel; you’ll love, love, love it.

Cheese Fondue – Another Big Favorite

Let’s not forget cheese fondue. The Nacho Cheese Fondue party is alive and well all year long. Have a Taco Fest and serve this easy cheese fondue recipe. We use Queso Cheese from Costco. Thin down your big can of Nacho Cheese with warm chicken broth, put out all the trimmings. Cheese fondue is one of the favorite fondues – second only to chocolate – so keep that fondue fountain flowing at your Nacho Cheese Party.

The above suggestions will really give you many choices to start on your 30 days of Fondue Fun, but we’ve got a few more…just for the “Fun” of it. As a kid, and probably to this day, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are probably one of your favorites. I know they are mine. So thin down some tomato soup with milk or warm chicken broth, run through the fountain and serve with mini grilled cheese sandwiches for dipping. If you’re in a “Martha Stewart” mood, cut the sandwiches with cookie cutters to make little turkeys, pumpkins and leaf shapes. What a novel way to serve lunch to out of town Thanksgiving guests or just surprise the kids on their lunch break.

Cheese fondue is a favorite fondue recipe to run through your fondue fountain. There are so many cheese fondue recipes to serve at football parties, Cinco de Mayo, birthday parties.

Dazzle with Breakfast Fondue Ideas

You may be looking forward to having a houseful of guests for the long Thanksgiving week-end. Well, you may not be looking forward to it… but they’re coming. Dazzle them one morning with a fun and unique breakfast brunch. Grab easy frozen pancakes, French toast sticks, mini pancakes, waffles. Trader Joe’s has mini pumpkin waffles. Hop on Amazon and find Smucker’s Boysenberry Syrup.  Let your guests dip their favorite breakfast treats in the warm flowing syrup. Serve a big pile of bacon and a pitcher of orange juice and all of a sudden, breakfast is an awesome party. It’s unique and they’ll always remember breakfast at your house.

Maple Syrup Fondue with breakfast goodies like French toast and pancakes is another awesome fondue fountain home run. You’ll need about 5 cups of fondue for the fondue to fountain properly.

Cocktail Hour and Fondue

A few suggestions for cocktail hour will have your fountain up and running again. Hey…use that fountain; you didn’t buy it to sit on the pantry shelf. Keep the heat turned off and flow Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing through the fountain, accompanied by a tray of Costco veggies. Dipping fresh veggies is a good way to get the kids to eat something besides carbs.

Mix melted cranberry jelly and your favorite bar-b-q sauce – thin w/ cranberry juice if necessary and dip little smokies or turkey meatballs. Stir in some cranberry mustard for a uniquely different flavor, or just plain mustard will work, too.

How to See What Flows Through the Fountain

Get creative; the fountain will circulate most anything with a smooth texture and use the little viscosity cup to test if it’s thin enough. If it runs through the viscosity cup within 8-10 seconds, it’ll run through the fountain perfectly. To thin the fondue for easy flowing, as a rule of thumb, just think about the fondue you’ll be using; will it be thinned best by water, broth or juice? Like for like, if possible and when in doubt, add water, a little at a time.

Pasta sauce offers a wide variety of options. Heat some of your favorite pasta sauce, thin it with, perhaps a little tomato juice, then run it through the fountain and dip cooked ravioli (fried?). How about ‘pot stickers’. I’d opt for gnocchi… those cute little Italian potato dumplings. Put out a side of fried peppers and Italian sausage and good Italian bread and you’re immediately dining in Rome. Don’t forget a big bowl of Kalamata olives…yummm

Hot Wings Sauce Fondue

Hot Wings Sauce!!! We did a wedding about 7 years ago where both the bride and groom had a passion for chicken wings. We did two 34” fountains (those are really big ones) filled with hot wing sauce. One was for wimps, like me, who just liked a little spice in wing sauce and the other was the “killer” variety, where you start to sweat. It was a wedding to remember, among many, but the guests went crazy for the chicken wings and wing sauce in the flowing fountains. Very colorful fondue, as well.

You can use your fountain to dip chicken wings at home and offer all the trimmings, like celery sticks, blue cheese and whatever else floats your boat. Dip on! So, hope that gets you started. Here’s a list of 30 varieties of fondue recipes for an extremely delicous Fondue Fall!

1. Belgian Milk Chocolate
2. Belgian Dark Chocolate
3. Belgian White chocolate – tinted ! (try our Sephra Chocolate Coloring)
4. Buttery Caramel fondue
5. Swiss Cheese Fondue
6. Cheddar Cheese Fondue
7. Blue Cheese Fondue
8. Chipotle Cheese Sauce Fondue
9. Tomato soup fondue – with grilled cheese
10. Smuckers Boysenberry syrup
11. Maple Syrup
12. Ranch Dressing
13. BBQ Sauce
14. Melted Cranberry Jelly + BBQ sauce
15. Pasta Sauce (with Meatballs, Pot Stickers, Ravioli and Gnocchi)
16. Hot Wing Sauce
17. Salted Caramel
18. Gravy on Thanksgiving
19. White chocolate peppermint – oil based flavoring
20. White chocolate orange – oil based flavoring
21. Milk chocolate orange – oil based flavoring
22. Dark chocolate Raspberry – oil based flavoring
23. Dark chocolate with espresso powder (Amazon)
24. Dark chocolate & caramel
25. Dark & milk chocolate combo
26. Dark chocolate or milk with peanut butter
27. Cinnamon dark chocolate
28. Pumpkin Spice Fondue
29. Mexican Dark Chocolate
30. Dark Chocolate Kalua Fondue