Sephra always has delicious reasons to be thankful all year round, but the end of the fall season makes us appreciate the delicious bounty around us even more. Caramel apple dippers, pumpkin bread with a decadent twist and pumpkin spice dip for your Sephra chocolate fountain will all make your guests’ mouths water with anticipation!

Simple and Delicious Caramel Apple Dippers

Green apples are perfect for dipping in caramel and are typically in season even at the end of fall, meaning you can serve fresh, crisp green apples dipped in rich, buttery Sephra caramel as a sweet treat. Simply melt caramel over the stove or in your fondue fountain and dip green apple wedges into the warm caramel.

If you purchase your apples from a grocery store, it’s best to dip the unpeeled apples into boiling water before slicing to remove the wax. This will ensure that the caramel has a good surface to adhere to once dipped.

If you want to dress up your caramel apple dippers even more, simply drizzle with a little melted white Sephra chocolate and watch your guests’ faces light up with the pleasure of indulging in simple yet delicious caramel apple dippers.

Decadent Pumpkin Bread With Sephra White Chocolate

Sephra’s recipe for pumpkin bread will bring a decadent touch to your holiday table this year. The traditional fragrance of nutmeg, ginger, cloves and cinnamon might be the initial draw, but one glance at a loaf of this pumpkin bread, with a rich, white chocolate glaze drizzled over the top, will demonstrate that this pumpkin bread is something special.

pumpkin bread itself will surprise guests when they bite into it and discover pecans and white chocolate chips in addition to the white chocolate glaze.

No one will be able to resist Sephra’s version of pumpkin bread, so you might want to make more than one loaf to satisfy the cravings of your holiday party!

Spice up Your Holiday Fondue Fountain With Pumpkin Spice Dip

Using a festive holiday fondue recipe this year will repeatedly draw your guests to the dessert table and keep everyone happy and together. Sephra’s pumpkin spice dip is a delicious blend of cream cheese, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and maple syrup that will keep your guests thankful they were invited to your house this year.

Arrange plates of pumpkin bread bites, apple slices, and shortbread for guests to enjoy the pumpkin spice dip throughout the afternoon or evening.

With delicious recipes like these to choose from, you and your guests will have plenty to remember this holiday season!