Will it fountain? The “creative” and always entertaining crew at Vat19 run a number of new fondue ideas through the Sephra Select Home Fondue Fountain. Definitely worth watching! Some ideas – I had never thought of – would be fun for various holidays. The grape jelly fondue fountain flowed very well, and would be a perfect Happy Halloween Party fondue as it looks like blood! Warm flowing Maple Syrup was definitely a hit – they dipped giant gummy bears, but I would probably stick to breakfast buffet type food, like pancakes, french toast sticks and waffles.

Anyway – very funny to watch! Have a look! Check out our comments about their fondue challenge below…

Ultimate Fondue Fountain Challenge – Vat 19

Fondue Ideas We Loved

For starters, it was interesting to see all the different types of fondue that flowed flawlessly through the Sephra Select Fountain. We know it has unlimited possibilities, but still… you love to see your kids doing well. LOL

Maple Syrup Fondue

Maple Syrup has been a popular choice in the Sephra fountains for years, so we knew this would flow! It’s a great way to serve a nice holiday breakfast buffet. Just offer mini pancakes, waffles or french toast sticks and you’ve created a self-serve breakfast buffet in your own home! Note: Bacon is truly delicious dipped in syrup. Oh dear – now craving a maple fondue fountain… Anyway thumbs up on the maple syrup.

Grape Jelly Fondue

This is one fondue I would have never thought of, but as I mentioned it would make a spooky Halloween Party fountain, as it takes on a dark red hue and looks like blood. Kids would love this for birthday parties! Dippers could include peanut butter sandwich bits, cookies, anything with peanut butter – maybe bananas. This fondue looked like a hit!

Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

Football party food to the max! Serve this up with some wings and stand back! This hot wing fondue looks amazing! Really cool in the fondue fountain – nice bright orange! I don’t know if I could do it, but real men, watching football, would be up to the challenge! Serve plenty of celery and other veggies to cool down the team! This would make a great Super Bowl Party food!

All types of Hot Wing Sauce work well in the Sephra Select, so don’t feel like you have to stick with the super hot Ass Blaster!

Burn or Bliss Chocolate Fondue

Like your chocolate fondue a little spicy? This is the perfect chocolate fountain for those who love a little burn. I have never tried Burn or Bliss Chocolate, but it looks like fun! If you’re having a fondue party “due” a chocolate fountain with delicious Sephra Belgian Chocolate and a Burn or Bliss Chocolate Fountain. I have two Select Fondue Fountains at my house.  They are just the right size for small parties and family gatherings and are very affordable. Totally worth the investment because you’re getting the best, whisper quiet, dishwasher safe parts and great Sephra Guarantee. If you’ve had a chocolate fountain before that sounded like a jet engine was in your kitchen – it was not a Sephra Fountain!

Sometimes I ‘due’ cheese fondue and chocolate fondue, sometimes two different chocolate fountains. Having the option to mix it up makes your parties unfold into sweet success! One sweet fondue; one savory fondue. So many options.

Gummy Brain Fondue

All of the fondue, tasters said they love the melted Gummy Brain Fondue – another idea which would have escaped me. LOL It looked delicious as they dipped mini waffles into the melted candy fondue. Great fondue idea for a kids birthday party, or again another winner for a Halloween Party.

Fondue Ideas We Would Never Due!

Ranch Dressing Soda Fondue

This looked pretty gross! I cannot imagine ever drinking or using Ranch Dressing Soda – for anything! Let alone fondue! However, it did fountain; and certainly did look like glue!

Bacon Grease Fondue

Again, no reason to EVER due this! The Vat19 team fried pounds of bacon, collected the grease just to see if it would fountain. It did pretty well – but tasted like bacon fat.

Bacon is a Favorite Fondue Dipper!

However, let me take this opportunity to tell you BACON IS AWESOME dipped into so many types of fondue.  Believe it or not many a chocolate fountain has been served and bacon was the first dipper to be devoured!  Bacon is simply delicious in chocolate fondue.  Cheese fondue is another great opportunity to put out the bacon!  Any type of little smokies, ham squares, taco meat etc. goes well with many varieties of cheese fondue.  Serve bacon at your breakfast buffet with your maple syrup fountain. Encourage bacon dipping!  Yum!

Remember this about the Sephra Home Fondue Fountain

– The heating element in Sephra Fountains makes them the ONLY fountain to flow many of your favorite fondues.

– The Viscosity Funnel which comes with your Sephra Fountain is an easy way to tell if your fondue will flow. If you fill the funnel with fondue and it flows through within 8 -10 seconds it should work well in your fountain.

– Remember, if you need to thin fondue, try these options.

A cheese fondue can be thinned with chicken broth, or even white wine.

If you use chocolate other than Sephra, like Burn or Bliss, you might need to add a little vegetable oil.

Caramel fondue can be thinned with water.

Maple syrup fondue with water.

Gummy products – thin with water.

Just add your warm liquid slowly to your fondue. Don’t over-thin!

Please comment below and tell us what types of fondues you’ve tried!