Fall is a beautiful time of year, when the leaves turn vibrant shades of gold, red and orange, and people start craving rich, savory comfort foods. Sephra’s chocolate for chocolate fountains is the perfect addition to any event that will feature autumnal food. Contribute your own delicacies using some of Sephra’s delicious autumn chocolate recipes.

Fall Recipes with Pumpkin and Chocolate

What better represents the approach of autumn than pumpkins? Sephra features two delicious pumpkin recipes, including pumpkin spice dip and a decadent version of pumpkin bread.

In your chocolate fountain, you can serve pumpkin spice dip, which combines cream cheese, pumpkin puree and fall staples like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and a touch of maple syrup. Serve this fall treat with cubes of poundcake and spice cake, apple wedges, banana slices, chocolate wafers, brownie bites and pretzels covered in white chocolate.

Sephra’s version of pumpkin bread peps up the traditional taste with a chocolate twist. Add chocolate chips and pecans to the batter before baking, and each bite of bread will feature rich chocolate – plus the rich white chocolate glaze made from Sephra’s Belgian white chocolate.

Warm Hands and Hearts with Hazelnut and Caramel Fondues

Sephra’s hazelnut fondue recipe will work in your chocolate fountain and really help ring in the autumn season. It simply calls for hazelnut spread mixed with oil for a smooth consistency – plus the delicious addition of melted Sephra dark or milk chocolate. You could feature several different varieties of apples, especially if any are native to your region, as well as mini chocolate muffins, mini caramel cookies, poundcake bites and cheesecake bites.

You could also feature caramel apple dippers topped with rich, buttery white chocolate. Green apples taste best because they balance the sweetness of the caramel fondue. Of course, green apples aren’t the only dipping treats perfect for caramel fondue. You could offer Sephra’s vanilla crème cookies and caramel cookies, plus chocolate cookies with white chocolate chunks, chocolate brownies and white chocolate truffles. You could also set up an ice cream sundae area where an array of ice cream toppings are arranged so everyone can create their perfect sundae, then finish it off with decadent spoonfuls of caramel fondue.

There are so many reasons to embrace the cooler weather, including the variety of flavors that permeate palettes this time of year. Don’t let it pass by without indulging in chocolate for chocolate fountains, whether it’s an ingredient or the featured dessert, because nothing enhances fall flavors like chocolate!