Dark chocolate is the ultimate indulgence, and Sephra’s Belgian dark chocolate for chocolate fountains is no exception. Sephra’s dark chocolate needs no additives to run smoothly through a Sephra chocolate fountain – which means all your guests will remember is the rich and sultry taste of warm dark chocolate covering every dipping treat on their plates. In order for your guests to reach this level of enjoyment, however, you must choose the right dipping treats to complement the dark chocolate for chocolate fountains.

Indulgence in Dark Chocolate: Increase Heart Health Good news for dark chocolate lovers: a study found that consuming 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate daily actually benefits your heart’s health because of the antioxidants found in dark chocolate. These antioxidants are called flavanoids, which help eliminate free radicals from the body and decrease inflammation, which results in a healthier heart. Although most people will consume more than 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate when tempted with dark chocolate for chocolate fountains, at least comfort can be found in the antioxidants!

Healthy Dipping Treats for Dark Chocolate Fondue Dipping treats should always include an assortment of fresh fruit, which is the perfect complement for dark chocolate for chocolate fountains. Dark chocolate is ideal for fresh strawberries, cherries, banana slices, apple slices, Asian pear slices and kiwi slices. Skewered raisins or prunes are also a delicious treat. You can pre-skewer two types of fruit or let guests choose their own fruit combinations at the chocolate fountain table. Either way, using Sephra’s NatureSeal on fruit prone to browning, like bananas, pears and apples, will maintain each fruit’s flavor, as well as keep the fruit looking freshly sliced during the party.

Sweet and Salty: Baked Goods and Confectionary Dipping Treats Baked goods and confections are necessary dipping treat additions to any chocolate fountain table. Dark chocolate fondue complements a wide variety, the most popular including white chocolate macaroons, marshmallows and peppermint sticks. Baked goods like chocolate caramel brownie bites, angel food cake squares, raspberry cheesecake slices, Rice Krispy treats and orange pound cake slices will whet the appetite of every guest. Chocolate covered pretzels are the best, but now folks have even discovered two new favorites: Chocolate covered bacon and chocolate covered potato chips! Sephra’s dark chocolate for chocolate fountains will impress the most discerning chocolate-lovers with its smooth, rich taste.