If you have a home chocolate fountain, you can plan the perfect romantic date night without leaving the house. Most date nights focused on romance include dinner at a nice restaurant, candlelight and wine or champagne. Instead, save your money and plan a decadent date night at home using these ideas!

Setting the Stage for Romance

Although home chocolate fountains are an important element of a romantic date night, setting the stage for romance is much more than just setting up the chocolate fountain. The stage doesn’t have to be elaborate, but some thought must be put in to create the perfect ambiance. For example, instead of setting up the chocolate fountain on the kitchen table or island, choose a spot by the fireplace, on the patio (weather permitting), or even set up a floor picnic in the bedroom.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal spot, you’ll still need a sturdy surface to put the chocolate fountain on, and you should also plan for low lighting, flickering candlelight and soft music. Also, protect the room you choose for your date by using a dark-colored tablecloth beneath the chocolate fountain. Then, lay out fluffy floor pillows on a blanket for lounging by the chocolate fountain.

Choosing Romantic Dipping Treats

After you’ve decided where and how you’ll set the scene for your romantic date, it’s time to focus on choosing dipping treats for the chocolate fountain that evoke romance. Of course, strawberries are a classic choice.Not only do they taste even better dipped in warm chocolate for chocolate fountains, but they are quintessential romance.

If you want to break the mold or just offer a variety, you could layer a skewer with strawberry slices and blueberries and arrange a handful of these in a vase using floral foam at the bottom. You could also arrange heart-shaped cookies on a plate to dip into the chocolate fountain.

You don’t need too many dipping treats, especially since it’s a date for two, so keep it simple and romantic, and you can’t go wrong.

Pairing Champagne With Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains

To add that something special to the evening, consider opening a bottle of bubbly to go with the chocolate dipped treats. Chocolate and champagne, especially chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, complement each other perfectly. The champagne should be dry to offset the sweetness of the chocolate fountain.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to infusing date night with decadent chocolate for chocolate fountains, meaning you can create unique romantic evenings as often as you crave chocolate covered treats!