Chocolate is a worldwide passion enjoyed by many different cultures and people. Chocolate might even be considered the new olive branch of peace. After all, even if people cannot agree on politics or religious beliefs, they may just agree that a piece of chocolate is like a piece of heaven.

Sephra Unites Chocolate Lovers Worldwide

Sephra chocolate fountains and chocolate products are distributed and enjoyed in about 30 different countries. These include the United States, UK, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Turkey, Cyprus, Latvia and Australia, just to highlight a few in various corners of the globe.

Japan is also a big fan of Sephra chocolate fountains, and the country has even begun a few fun chocolate-inspired traditions of their own, such as using a chocolate fountain instead of a wedding cake.

Indeed, each country brings their unique twist to Sephra’s chocolate fountain. Visiting any of these countries and indulging in a local chocolate fountain event is a great way to get to know the chocolate culture of that country. You are likely to experience new types of dipping treats from exotic fruits to local confections and unique chocolate combinations depending on the country you visit.

Exotic Dipping Treats

In China, you might dip native fruit like mangosteens and lychees into Sephra chocolate, both of which enjoy a noble Chinese history because they were prized by many Chinese emperors for their succulent sweetness. In Australia, you might enjoy dipping native foods, such as bush tomatoes, which are pea-sized fruit with a bold flavor, wattle (acacia seeds), quandong berries, sandalwood nuts, and bush bananas that taste like a combination of avocado and green peas.

In countries like Syria, Turkey and UAE (United Arab Emirates), you will enjoy dipping freshly made baklava, qashta (a cream-filled pastry), and mamouls, which are pastries that can be filled with dates, pistachios or walnuts and topped with sesame seeds.

In France, you might dip mini croissants filled with chocolate, coeur de framboises (which are delicious heart-shaped cookies with a raspberry filling and dusted with powdered sugar), or even mini tarts topped with fresh fruit and custard.

There is no shortage of new and different foods to be experienced, no matter what country you’re visiting. You’ll soon learn which food is native to the region you’re visiting, and what better way to learn this than by indulging in a Sephra chocolate fountain?  Dipping fruit and confections that you have never encountered before in mouth-watering chocolate is a chocoholic’s dream come true!