A holiday event is only complete when it includes a luxurious chocolate fountain dessert table properly decorated and outfitted with delicious dipping treats! Creating a holiday display which will give visual pleasure to guests is easy to do and will make the chocolate fondue taste even better! The Select Home Fountain is ideal for small family gatherings and is more affordable than you think!

Setting the Holiday Table

Depending on the holiday you’re celebrating, choose your color scheme. Christmas used to be just red and green, but the pallet has expanded, so now you can include gold, silver, even purple!  A winter wonderland theme will often include the cool and icy whites, blues and silver hues.

Once you choose the colors, select table linens which will complement and hide chocolate spills. Match the table linen directly surrounding the fountain to the type of chocolate you’re serving. Such as white linen for white chocolate and darker linen for milk and dark chocolate.  Then use the complimentary colors underneath and around the table edges for a festive look. Any chocolate drips which may occur won’t be so obvious.

For any color scheme, surround dipping treat platters with faux snow piles, lay evergreen branches across the table, or keep it simple with a small arrangement of pink and red poinsettias. If paper plates will be used, choose colored plates that tie in with the theme, or if white plates are the choice, consider festively colored napkins that tie in with chosen color scheme.

Dipping into Chocolate 

Any and all dipping items are great regardless of the time of year. You can choose dipping items appropriate to the holiday. Marshmallows and Christmas cookies are great for Christmas parties, but get out those cream puffs, pretzels and strawberries for fun and color.

For you Chocolate Fountain Rental Pros (and clever Moms)

Dressing Your Chocolate Fountain for Success –  Sephra’s commercial chocolate fountains were designed to be decorated, so don’t overlook this opportunity for creating a truly inspirational holiday table! Choose a chocolate fountain topper which complements the theme, tone or color scheme of the evening. If the holiday event will be casual, consider a sprig of mistletoe tied with red ribbon or a group of reindeer standing on faux snow. For a more formal holiday event, consider a holiday floral arrangement such as a combination of red poinsettias, evergreen branches and holly leaves. You could also choose a stacked trio of elegantly wrapped (small and empty) boxes to emulate holiday gifts. Wrapping the topper and the chocolate fountain in white twinkle lights will continue the festive feel and match any décor from casual to formal. Elevating the chocolate fountain gives you the opportunity to drape it with rich fabric like red velvet and add an arrangement of colorful ornaments tied together with satin ribbon for a truly spectacular holiday chocolate fountain display that everyone will remember.