In our final installment of chocolate inspiration from ChocoFantasy in Japan, chocolate fountains have become so popular that they may replace dessert – and even the wedding cake!   Enjoy this “first bite” ceremony video from ChocoFantasy to experience just how much happiness a chocolate covered strawberry can bring to a newly wedded couple.

First Bite Ceremony In the Japanese “first bite” ceremony, the couple stands in front of the chocolate fountain surrounded by family and friends as they prepare to take their first bite as a married couple. The bride and groom each are handed a strawberry slice on a skewer and a small plate, then each dips the strawberry into the chocolate. Then, they take turns feeding each other the chocolate covered strawberry while friends and family snap pictures and cheer.  This is a romantic, modern way to celebrate the traditional cake cutting ceremony.

Promoting Chocolate Fountains over Wedding Cakes A chocolate fountain not only makes a statement, but provides entertainment by allowing guests to mingle in line, interact with each other, and enjoy a luxurious dessert as they choose to experience new flavor combinations. At weddings, after the first bite ceremony, friends and family are asked to enjoy a chocolate-dipped strawberry themselves in honor of the newly weds, making a pact of good wishes for their future. ChocoFantasy also works with many clients who purchase the chocolate fountain rental as a gift to the bride and groom.  A wedding cake is consumed and only remembered in a photograph, but a chocolate fountain can rented at any time to remember and celebrate the couple’s union! Will this new tradition take hold in the United States? Once the word gets out, it is quite possible that the wedding cake and other traditional single-serving desserts will have real competition with the longevity and always-delicious chocolate fountain that is uniquely capable to entertain guests for hours. Thank you ChocoFantasy for sharing your wonderful chocolate fountain events and insights with us!