If you are looking for a new customer demographic or another way to promote your chocolate fountain rental business, look no further than your local library. As evidenced at the New Tampa Regional Library, a chocolate extravaganza was successfully hosted to thank library patrons who donated items to be sold at a benefit. This type of event could really help elevate your chocolate fountain rental business’ name in your community, as well as attract new types of chocolate-loving clients.

Chocolate Fountains for Your Favorite Book-Loving Charity Encouraging both adults and children to read is an important and recognized initiative in many communities. Many schools have programs through their libraries to get kids reading, and local public libraries also have programs designed to make reading fun. There are also adult literacy programs and ESL programs through many local libraries that need support. This could be where your chocolate fountain rental business comes in. Once reading goals are reached, it is only natural to want to celebrate readers’ achievements with a party. Imagine your business name listed as a co-sponsor of the event. Providing a chocolate fountain and dipping treats for the celebration of such a worthy cause will not only help improve the party (maybe even get people reading), but will serve to advertise your business to a broader demographic. A business who is a friend of schools and local libraries must be worth hiring, especially after guests experience the delicious wonders of your chocolate fountain.

Use the Library to Expand Your Business Tapping into the book-loving network can garner you new business. If you do offer your services to a library as a charitable donation, use this opportunity to network with school officials, parent volunteers, and librarians.  If your chocolate fountain helps make the library’s event a success, you could become an annual fixture and be instantly associated with their cause, giving you good publicity in the process and access to new clients. Book clubs, for example, meet at libraries and might want to rent a smaller fountain for a special meeting or end of year party. You could also approach local schools, since you are now affiliated with the local library. You could offer a school special for end of the year parties at elementary schools or for high school dances. If the school is planning a fundraiser, they might want to rent your chocolate fountain to draw in more people. Kids will love the chocolate fountain and will want one at their next birthday or graduation party, so make sure parents know you’re available for such events. Reading is good for the mind – and good for your commercial chocolate fountain rental business!