Chocolate fountain ideas
Years from now, as friends and family recall your wedding day, they’ll remember your smile, your excitement and some details of your wedding reception.  They’ll recall where you had the reception, and have a vague idea of what the decorations looked like, maybe some details of your gorgeous dress, but have no doubt… they will remember the chocolate fountain!


My Favorite Chocolate Fountain Memories

My granddaughter and her husband will soon celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary.  Yes, I remember where they held the reception (a lovely local Country Club) and I remember her beautiful dress (because I have a framed picture of her).  I recall they served a very delicious chicken entrée but other than the chocolate fountain, I only recall a few of her wedding details.
BiogiaEvents chocolate fountain events

This beautiful event by BiagioEvents featuring my favorite chocolate fountain dippers! Madeline Cookies!

The Sephra 34” Montezuma chocolate fountain was set up in an alcove off the main dining room.  The guests mingled around the chocolate fountain table, making new friends, as they dipped into the luscious Belgian Dark chocolate fountain chocolate.  We selected our dipping items from platters of California strawberries, fresh pineapple, mini cream puffs and what turned out to be my favorite chocolate fountain dipper – Madeleine Cookies!  Those crispy, buttery shell shaped cookies just begged to be generously slathered with the cascading dark chocolate fondue. I can still recall the heady aroma of chocolate, the laughter and what a good time everyone had in that cozy alcove – a lovely setting for a chocolate fountain display.


My grandson and his wife will soon celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary… a very special day, indeed.  They also had a Sephra 34” Montezuma chocolate fountain at their wedding reception, but instead of dark chocolate, they chose Sephra Belgian Milk chocolate fondue, flowing freely over the tiers. Their wedding was an outdoor affair, located in a very picturesque formal garden in Southern California.  The perfect location for a summer wedding, but high in the hills, and very prone to wind, so their chocolate fountain display included a Sephra Wind Guard to protect the beautiful bride and their guests from the possible blowing chocolate! (Yes, if you are having an outdoor event, make sure you use a Sephra Wind Guard, as blowing chocolate is a very real possibility).


We dipped lush strawberries, puffy marshmallows, those decadent little cream puffs and so much more.  Everyone, including little kids, thoroughly enjoyed dipping through the opening in the Wind Guard and because it’s clear plastic, were still able to enjoy the majesty of the Sephra chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain is really fun to watch (and better to enjoy) but the Sephra Wind Guard is a necessity for anyone hosting an outdoor party.


Sephra Ingenuity – More Chocolate Fountain Ideas

Chocolate fountain grate - chocolate fountain accessories

Handy chocolate fountain grate easily rescues the occasional dropped dipper!

A sidebar here, just FYI.  Sephra makes many products to help enhance the Chocolate Fountain experience.  There is a basin grate which will assist those who accidentally lose a strawberry or marshmallow.  This handy Fountain Grate will catch that rogue berry and make it easy to retrieve; the embarrassed guest will not have to ‘go fishing’!  A great addition to your catering equipment and modestly priced.


The Sephra “Drip Guard” is also a great addition to your catering equipment.  These items really show you are the consummate professional!  It will help keep your table neat and clean and will be appreciated by the clean-up crew, as well.  It does exactly what the name implies.


Other chocolate fountain necessities are available at  Be sure and browse the website for wooden, throw-away skewers, chocolate fountain replacement parts and of course, to choose which Sephra chocolate fountain will be right for your home or business.  There are so MANY to choose from!


The Chocolate Fountain – Best Conversation Starter – EVER!

But, I digress… so, back to the chocolate fountain.  I’ve never seen a grumpy face or a ‘sourpuss’ when people gather ‘round the chocolate fountain.  It’s a friend-maker, a gathering spot, kinda like the iconic pot-bellied stove of old.  Everyone has fun, eats fruit, cookies, cake and chocolate; what could be better?  Because it’s such a great experience, it’s long remembered as a favorite memory of a wedding reception, an anniversary celebration or taking that big step of graduating to the next stage of your career.


We had the privilege of providing a Sephra Chocolate Fountain to honor a Judge being promoted to Superior Court, in the Clark County Washington Court House. He enjoyed the chocolate fountain experience so much, he purchased a Sephra Home Fondue Fountain and continues, to this day, to share his Elite Home Chocolate Fountain (he prefers Sephra Premium Dark chocolate fountain chocolate) with friends and family.  Court Adjourned! Let’s dip!
Pink Chocolate fountain makes a great party idea.

Oooo. Look at that Pink Chocolate Fountain! Lovely event by our friends at Chocolate Ears Vintage Chocolate Fountains.

A Party Isn’t a Party…

A party isn’t a party without a Sephra Chocolate Fountain.  Make your special day more memorable by adding one to your home pantry or calling your local Chocolate Fountain Rental company.  We have hundreds of experienced, friendly people who would love to provide a chocolate fountain rental for you.  Many companies have options to provide attendants, just delivery and pick-up or various combinations of service.  Sephra has a spiffy chocolate fountain locator showcasing chocolate fountain rental companies in the USA…follow the link and find the one closest to you.


If you can’t find one close to you, for goodness sake, start your own chocolate fountain business TODAY, see what you’re missing out on?????