If you find it difficult to find fresh fruit during the winter in your area, consider adding delicious, sweet dried fruits to the mix. Dried fruit is not only holiday-appropriate, but will give you the chance to expand your array of chocolate fountain dipping treats.  Your clients will enjoy that extra sweetness they crave this time of year.

Dried Fruit: Cost-Effective and Delicious In many areas of the country, fresh fruit gets shipped in from warmer climates because the local growing season is finished until spring and summer blooms again. Unfortunately for commercial chocolate fountain rental businesses, fruit that’s shipped doesn’t always exude freshness. The fruit is usually picked before it ripens in order to make it to its destination: your grocery store or food supplier. This process also tends to drive prices up while quality goes down. The solution: cost-effective dried fruit!  For chocolate fountain rental businesses, dried fruit is the perfect solution. You can choose a few varieties to purchase in bulk, as they stay fresh much longer than fruit picked from the tree or vine.  Most importantly, dried fruit tastes delicious dipped in chocolate for chocolate fountains.

How to Supplement Your Fruit Platters with Dried Fruit If you are hosting a winter or holiday preview event, offer dried fruit dipping treat samples to your clients so they can taste how fabulous a dried apricot tastes covered in chocolate for chocolate fountains. Candied, dried banana slices will also be a hit among clients. Creating a balance is the key when supplementing fresh fruit with dried. Choose two or three reasonably priced fresh fruits, such as bananas and pears. Then offer a combination of dried cranberries, blueberries, peaches, apricots and coconut, for example. You can pre-skewer several of these dried fruits, such as layering dried apricots with blueberries and coconut chunks. Also, don’t overlook raisins to add interest and variety to your fruit platter. Consider offering regular and golden raisins, plus dried prunes, figs and dates – all of which make delicious dipping treats.