When the owner of a venue hears the word “chocolate fountain”, visions of chocolate chaos may be dancing in their heads. Well, let’s change that and give chocolate fountains a “do-over”.

They may have had a bad experience with unprepared caterers or chocolate fountains which don’t run properly. We’ve seen some pretty “graphic pictures” and believe me, it’s not pretty. But, with planning, care and the proper equipment, as a caterer, you can calm their fears and pull off an event that won’t leave anything but the lingering aroma of chocolate in their minds. Think of all the places you can take your business? Wineries, buffets, hotel happy hours. There’s a lot of untapped business out there. Grab it and boost your bottom line – immediately!

Did You Know… ?

Did you know, Sephra offers many products to help you increase your business, while also keeping the chocolate fountain neat and orderly?  Let’s talk about just a few of these great little inventions, aka lifesavers, aka buck boosters! These products will definitely give you a competitive edge and professional image.

Drip Guard – Worth its Weight in Gold (or Stainless Steel)

Probably one of the biggest concerns a venue owner has is dripping chocolate. Enter the Drip Guard. Sephra has an extension to the commercial 34”/44” fountains which provides a 3.5” added Drip Guard all around the fountain basin. Super easy to clean and easy to put on the fountain, as it simply rests on the outer rim of the fountain basin bowl. The Drip Guard looks pretty cool, too. It looks like its part of the fountain, as it’s made of the same high quality stainless steel as your Sephra fountain.

This by itself alleviates so much of little chocolate drips, and with a little assistance from the attendant, i.e. handing the guests a plate or a napkin, the drip guard helps reduce dripping chocolate significantly and really assists in keeping the fountain area clean.

Chocolate Fountain GrateFountain Grate – Genious!

I think someone sits in Sephra’s “think tank” 24/7. They came up with the ingenious Fountain Grate. The grate nestles right into the bottom of the fountain basin and when somebody drops a strawberry or marshmallow, (as someone always does, right?) it’s easy to just scoop it out with a spatula, instead of “fishing”, as was the case before getting this fabulous fountain grate. It remains hidden under the chocolate and it’s easy to install and clean. It’s available for the 27” and 34/44” fountains, and very reasonably priced, I might add.

Celebrate Summer with Outdoor Events

As we enter the summer season, more events will be held outdoors. As an experienced caterer and chocolate fountain business owner for many years, the mere mention of an outdoor wedding brought back horror memories of the first outdoor event we did, 12 years ago.

We were ‘newbies’ in the business and had no idea that wind was the enemy! My daughter was the fountain attendant, who quickly found out that chocolate blows… like all over the guests. Oh dear! Not good. Remember, this was 12 years ago and we were pioneers in the Portland, Oregon area, new to the chocolate fountain business.

She deferred to Mother Nature and turned the fountain off and the guests just dipped their treats in the base of the fountain. Lesson learned. Luckily the bride was as surprised as we were and laughed about the whole situation. Thankfully!

Chocolate Fountain Wind GuardA Wind Guard Will Save Your Outdoor Booking

Sephra has always looked to the needs of their caterers and customers in the field. Customer satisfaction and good experiences have consistently been their goal. Sooo, what could they do to beat the wind and make outdoor events a fun chocolaty experience? They came up with a “Wind Guard” for the Sephra 23”, 27”. 34” and 44” fountains.

The Wind Guard (aka Sneeze Guard) provides 360 degrees of beautiful see-thru acrylic protection. Also protects from flying insects. It’s made with removable hinges and a removable access door so it allows the guests to dip in the fountain in the ‘great outdoors’ with no worries. It really creates a stunning display. So feel free to book as many outdoor events as you want this summer. You’ve got it covered with Sephra Wind/Sneeze Guard.

These are but a few of the products offered by Sephra. Browse their website. You’d be amazed at the variety of delicious and practical items they carry. Of course, chocolate and chocolate fountains are their business and they are world renowned, so if you own a Sephra fountain, you’ve got the best. We hope featuring the above three products will assist you in building your business, provide a more professional and fun experience for your customers – and put the venue owners at ease.

Wishing you a great and successful summer!!!