So many allergies have started to hit the mainstream as people become more aware of food sensitivities, with the gluten allergy taking top billing. Suddenly, many people are unable to enjoy everyday dessert food like cake and cookies, which means a  chocolate fountain is the perfect solution for gluten-sensitive guests! Yes – our chocolate fondue is gluten free. Pair it with some gluten free dipping ideas and you’ll make everyone happy!

Choosing Creative Gluten-Free Dipping Treats 

Gluten Free Chocolate Fountain Dipping ItemsThere is such a wide variety of fruit options which are naturally gluten-free – you have a lot of options to for delishious desserts. Fresh berries, cherries, bananas and peaches can be layered together to make colorful skewers and please the palette even more – once dipped in chocolate.

There are confections which also make yummy gluten-free options like most marshmallows. Also, nuts like walnuts, pecans and macadamias all taste great covered in chocolate fondue and are gluten-free. Popcorn drizzled with chocolate is also a creative option. Not only are many of these chocolate fountain dippers gluten free, they are also low in calories. Consuming a plate of strawberries drizzled with chocolate fondue is going to be a much healthier and low calorie option than any pies, cakes and cookies.

Gluten Free Ice Cream Station

Another fun, gluten-free option for a party with a chocolate fountain is to have an ice cream station, and drizzle the fondue chocolate over the ice cream to make sundaes. Offering extra toppings like a combination of the nuts mentioned above, whipped cream, banana slices, strawberry slices and cherry sauce all help make a delicious dessert which won’t give anyone with a gluten allergy any problems.

Marketing Your Chocolate Fountain Rental as Gluten-Free 

If you’re in the Chocolate Fountain Rental Business, chocolate fondue is naturally gluten-free, and by offering gluten-free dipping treats to accompany it, there is no reason why a person with a gluten allergy can’t also enjoy a delicious dessert option.

When you’re talking to a person with a gluten allergy, it’s important to have specific examples of delicious gluten-free dipping options and perhaps arranging a taste test to ensure your promise of gluten-free grandeur is true.

You could have a gluten-free open house where you set up a milk chocolate fountain and arrange a few dipping treat options, including skewers of fresh sliced strawberries and bananas and small ice cream sundaes drizzled with delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains. Then, have a list prepared of possible gluten-free dipping treats to help seal the deal.

Also, many places offer gluten-free baked goods, and finding a source for gluten-free cookies that taste great alone and dipped in chocolate for chocolate fountains is also a good option.

Choosing to offer a gluten-free package as part of your chocolate fountain rental business is an excellent way to draw additional business and give those who have difficulty finding gluten-free dessert options at events a delicious way to enjoy a party.