Nope, not talking baseball here, we’re talking about an amazing assortment of delicious waffle batter mixes from Sephra. We’re doing Belgian Waffles, Bubble Waffles, Mini Waffles and Zen Waffles on a stick. Keep reading for inspiring recipes you can create with them!

Sephra waffle batter mixes offer quick, easy and economical opportunities to expand your current commercial menu – or treat your family on a Sunday morning (or any morning, for that matter). Waffles are the new “go-to” for any and all occasions. There are so many options, the list is endless. The Waffle Bar has become a popular selection for weddings, birthday parties, graduation day and any celebration where people gather for fun and food!

Waffles offer a satisfying treat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and are just the ticket for a special brunch to honor Mom or a bride-to-be. End of Night Waffles are also a great option to serve before sending guests home after partying, as a “good-bye, thank you for coming and have a safe trip home”! A waffle can be sweet or savory; it can be served the age-old traditional way, slathered with butter and drizzled with maple syrup or it can become Eggs Benedict, in a flash, by adding some perfectly poached eggs, topped with crispy bacon and rich, buttery hollandaise sauce.

Just Add Water Waffle Batter Mix

Sephra offers three types of waffle batter mix and the waffle makers to turn each different tasty option into something totally awesome. It’s as if you were watching a “Magic Show”, as you’d never guess each scrumptious creation started out with Sephra Waffle Batter! Each batter is delicious, kind to the wallet and so easy to make… just add water! It’s as easy as that, and the results are amazing!

Begin with Belgian Waffles

Sephra Belgian Waffle batter mix comes in 5 or 30 pound packages. So, it’s convenient for either home or commercial use. It’s the easiest Belgian Waffle you’ll ever make and the tastiest! It bakes up light and fluffy; yet, with a crispy crust. Yes, it really only needs a pat of butter and maple syrup to be delish, but why limit your options? Throw in a handful of chocolate chips; slather with Nutella, add a scoop of ice cream, top with melted Sephra chocolate and finish off with a big, fluffy gob of whipped cream… don’t forget the cherry! All that is needed to create this delicious waffle batter is WATER! No messing with separating egg yolks and whipping the whites; adding oil or milk… just plain water will produce the best Belgian waffle you can serve your family or restaurant clientele.

Anything good on toast, atop an English Muffin or sandwiched between two pieces of bread – makes an even more interesting food creation with a Belgian Waffle as a launching pad. Create numerous culinary delights with a number of unique waffle ideas. There’s a quaint and delightful little waffle shop in St. Andrews, Scotland that has cornered the market on a creative waffle menu. They use a waffle as a bun base for a giant hamburger; they top a waffle with chicken nuggets and baked beans to tempt that picky child; eggs, bacon, and hollandaise sauce become Eggs Benedict. I don’t know what they call it, but they’ve got a photo of a waffle, topped with breakfast sausage, a sunny side-up egg and cascading baked beans that looks absolutely scrumptious.

The fun and fabulous thing about Belgian waffles is their versatility – you can really go crazy with their sweet side. The “Chocolate Explosion” will have you begging for mercy. To make your own chocolate creation, start with a Chocolate Belgian Waffle, (add 2 tablespoons sifted cocoa powder and 3 tablespoons granulated sugar to 2 cups of prepared waffle mix—do the math for larger amounts) then gets serious with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate cookies and anything chocolate that gets in your way. Be sure to top with chocolate whipped cream. 😊 Other sweet waffle ventures include “Baked Alaska”, Nutella with sliced bananas, topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce, S’Mores, Black Forest w/ cherries and of course, a beautifully decorated plate scrolling “Happy Birthday” wishes, in chocolate, to go with your scrumptious Belgian Waffle. It’s not hard to do… simply add water to our Sephra Belgian Waffle Batter Mix, bake for 2 minutes and let your imagination run wild.

Waffles for Dinner – Yes, Please

Every household, and of course, restaurant should have a Belgian Waffle Baker and Sephra Belgian Waffle mix on hand. When you come home from work, are in no mood to start thawing a block of frozen meat, grab that Waffle Batter mix, add water and dinner is served. Peanut butter and jelly will top that little gem just fine and the kids will LOVE it! So will you. Restaurant owners will thank their lucky stars for something so easy and delicious. You can produce a top notch product in just two minutes; yes, two minutes, for just pennies. Top it with fresh seasonal fruit and a dollop of whipped cream and you’ll be famous for your Belgian Waffle specials.

Pizza Waffles – the Newest Waffle Craze

Pizza waffles - new recipes for waffles for dinner
Waffles for dinner has a new waffle recipe idea! Pizza waffles!

The latest innovation to come out of the Sephra test kitchen is WAFFLE PIZZA! How much do you think the kids would love that? Yep! Knock their socks right off! Bake a batch of Sephra Belgian Waffles, then stand ready with warmed pizza sauce, pepperoni slices, grated mozzarella cheese and a sprinkling of Parmesan. You’ve got a slam-dunk and it only took a few minutes to make. Dinner is served!

Delicious waffle recipes with Belgian Waffles
Belgian Chocolate, sprinkles, flakes, chocolate sauce and a Belgian Waffle!

Bubble Waffles – Maker and Mix

I’m sure you’ve seen many versions of the new Bubble Waffles. The photos posted on Instagram and Pinterest absolutely make your mouth water. Sephra offers the easiest and least expensive way to create these magical bubble waffle cone creations.

The Sephra Professional Bubble Waffle Maker reliably bakes great bubble waffles every time. The automatic timer, thermostat and audible alarm, make it easy for professionals and self-serve customers to use. The baker will make a 7” Bubble Waffle in just 2 minutes. And when we talk about economy, we mean it. Since other Sephra Waffle maker plates can be used on this baker, such as the Belgian and the Mini Waffle plates, you’re actually purchasing one baker to do the work of three machines! A stainless drip tray and automatic timer just add to the versatility of this fabulous waffle baker. Did I mention it comes with a 1 year limited warranty and only weighs 21 pounds, so it can easily be moved and portable to take to wedding receptions, bat and bar mitzvahs and any place fabulous bubble waffle cones would be enjoyed.

The Bubble Waffle Batter Mix couldn’t be easier to fix, either. Again, just add water! No fuss, no mess! It creates a crispy crust and puffy, bubble centers to roll into a cone shape and then stuff with a delightful array of decadent fillings. Don’t fret if you don’t have professional equipment to shape your Bubble Waffle cone. Make your own cone form out of scrunched up aluminum foil and as soon as the hot Bubble Waffle comes out of the machine, wrap it around your cone foil. Let it cool to shape it and then start filling.

Bubble Waffle Cones – Oh My

The sky’s the limit when creating the perfect Bubble Waffle cone fillings. “What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve!” Ice cream, of course, is the perfect beginning, then go from there. Add Nutella, bananas, and whipped cream to make a great concoction; cookie sticks, sprinkles, mini candy bars, nuts of all kinds, marshmallows or marshmallow crème, fruits, chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry, pineapple and any variety of sauces are natural toppers. Puddings, whipping cream and lemon curd beg to be included.

Bubble Waffle with Strawberries
Bubble Waffle with Strawberries? Yes, please!

Bubble Waffles don’t have to be sweet. How about sauteing some Italian sausage with sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms and garlic; add some pizza sauce and fill the Bubble Waffle cone. Then top with a generous amount of grated mozzarella and shaved Parmesan. Voila! You’ve got a savory, delicious, pizza bubble waffle!

Yes, waffles have become the palette for any number of incredible inventions. But, we’ve still got more!

Waffles on a Stick! We Call them ZEN Waffles

Sephra’s Zen Waffles, baked around a stick, make great additions to your bakery, food truck, fair booth or home kitchen. These yummy treats are just made to munch as you meander around a county fair or local farmers’ market. Again, the Zen Waffle batter is a snap to make… Just add water! Three little magic words!

The 20 pounds of Zen Waffle batter will make about 400 Stick Waffles… do the math! You can make Big Bucks on these cute little treats. They take just a couple of minutes to bake and then can be decorated to suit any occasion. Dip in Sephra Chocolate Melts—three varieties, of course; milk, dark or white chocolate and then get creative with sprinkles, (see the many options of Sephra Decorettes, available on the website) teeny tiny marshmallows, chopped nuts or coconut. There are darling little edible stick-on animals available at craft stores that make the Zen Waffles on a Stick totally charming. Kids just beg for them! “Awe, c’mon, Mom, PLEASE?”

Lolly waffles on a stick - new Zen Waffles from Sephra
Delicious Little Money Makers – the best way to describe our Zen Waffles!

All three Sephra Waffle Batter products are available on and will quickly become your favorite new way to promote your business or treat the family. The batters are made with quality ingredients, easy to use and economical. Remember those three little magic words…JUST ADD WATER! Feature a Waffle Bar for ANY event you have coming up. Guests love to take a freshly baked, crispy waffle and pile high with fruit, ice cream and syrups… or late-night treats such as ham, scrambled eggs and a creamy gravy will satisfy that midnight snack craving. You can’t beat Sephra Waffle Batter Mixes. Try all three today, you’ll be glad you did and we know you’ll keep coming back for more… and so will your guests.