We’re pleased to share this VIDEO from wiki.ezvid.com highlighting the “7 Best Home Chocolate Fountains”.

Sephra takes 1st & 3rd in their Home Chocolate Fountain Comparison!

Yay for us – and great for you, the consumer! See and compare your options before you purchase a home chocolate fountain! Unfortunately, there are home fondue fountains out there which are just cheap knock offs, don’t work well and make a lot of noise – not something you want coming from your chocolate fountain at your party or event.

Sephra has been hard at work for Sephra for 13 years, making sure all our home and commercial chocolate fountain units are top of the line. We are proud of the reputation we have earned as “the Worlds Most Trusted Name in Chocolate Fountains”.

Both of the Sephra Chocolate Fountains mentioned have our “whisper quiet motor”. I only point it out again as it is a really important feature to have a quiet chocolate fountain. They are truly so quiet you won’t even know they’re running. You don’t want a chocolate fountain which sounds like a cement mixer in the middle of your beautiful table setting.

The Sephra Elite (#1)

  • Height: Stands 19″ tall
  • Chocolate capacity: Requires minimum of 4 lbs of chocolate, but really looks and flows better with 6 lbs of chocolate.
  • Whisper Quiet Motor. It has the whisper quiet motor – you won’t even know it’s running.
  • Removable basin. The “chocolate bowl” or basin is removable for super easy clean up.
  • Serves approximately: 40 people
We recommend this for larger parties and gatherings as it does hold more chocolate and will not need to be refilled as often. The size gives your guests a little more elbow room for dipping.

The Select (#3) 

  • Height: Stands 16″ tall
  • Chocolate capacity: Requires minimum of 3 lbs of chocolate, but really looks and flows better with 4 lbs of chocolate. You won’t need to be adding chocolate as soon if you start with 4 lbs.
  • Whisper Quiet Motor. It has the whisper quiet motor  – you won’t even know it’s running.
  • Serves approximately: 20 people

We use this fountain in our home all the time.  Perfect for family gatherings and small parties. Still tons of fun even though it’s smaller. We had the Select fondue fountain running continually on display for 11 months straight. On all the time. We did not, obviously, eat the chocolate, but it is one hardy little chocolate fountain!

Sephra Makes the Very Best Chocolate

We really do. Our Belgian Chocolate is the best fondue chocolate you will ever taste. Imported from Belgium, the milk chocolate contains more than 38% cocoa butter and has a warm silky texture with intensly rich flavor. The Belgian Dark Chocolate is semi-sweet, never bitter and contains 59.9% cocoa mass. It’s aroma is incredibly alluring and is delicious with a variety of fruits, pretzels, and cream puffs.

Our Premium Chocolate is amazing as well. The only difference being that the Premium is made in the USA – The Belgian is made in Belgium.  

Fondue Fountains Flowing with Cheese, Caramel – even BBQ Sauce?

If you’re looking for a little variety our home chocolate fountains run well with Sephra Caramel, cheese, BBQ sauce, maple syrup and even ranch dressing. The party ideas are endless – creating everything from a taco bar with a nacho cheese fountain, veggies to dip in ranch dressing to a brunch with french toast sticks!