If you’re planning on throwing a festive fondue party, here are five tips to make your event the delicious talk of the town. Choosing the Perfect Fondue The first and most important step is deciding which type of fondue to serve. You can base your decision on the guest of honor’s preference or on the party’s theme.  If you are planning a large gathering, consider using more than one fondue. Sephra offers its decadent chocolate for chocolate fountains in dark, milk or white chocolate, but you can also choose Sephra’s caramel fondue, especially if you’re planning a Halloween party. White chocolate fondue can be dyed to complement any color scheme while Sephra’s dark and milk chocolate fondue are always crowd pleasers.

Serving Delicious Dipping Treats Dipping treats are a close second in importance and should be chosen after the fondue. Fresh fruit slathered in warm chocolate is always a hit, and this is a great option for those who are health-conscious. For dark or milk chocolate, strawberries, bananas and pears are good options, while apples are perfect for caramel and white chocolate. Angel food cake bites, brownie bites and cheesecake squares were made for all chocolate fondues, while chocolate pound cake bites and mini-chocolate chip cookies are scrumptious for caramel. Finally, Sephra’s marshmallows taste fabulous dipped in chocolate and help round out the sweet dipping treats.

Decorating the Fondue Table Ideally, you should use a dark-colored tablecloth underneath your home fondue fountain. However, if you are using white chocolate or caramel, lighter linens will help mask any spills. A great way to introduce color is to attach a skirt or choose a two-tone tablecloth with a dark center and light border (or vice versa) that complements the color scheme you’ve chosen. You could then scatter flower petals for a feminine touch, or for a scary Halloween party, scatter bones across the table.

Setting up a Dazzling Display In order to maintain order when people are lined up for the chocolate fountain, it helps to set up the chocolate fountain on the far end with the dipping treats arranged first. This way, as guests progress through the table, they choose their dipping treats and then dip at the end. Your platters could be silver to stand out against a dark backdrop and tiered, placing certain treats at eye level. The chocolate fountain can be wrapped in LED lights and feature a creative topper that matches your party’s theme.

Back to Basics: It’s in the Details Finally, don’t forget to provide plenty of plates, napkins, utensils for certain desserts, and of course, skewers. You might place stacks of plates and napkins at the beginning of the table and place skewers beside each tray so people won’t have to guess how many they need. Then, offer another stack of napkins after the chocolate fountain. Following these five steps and using your creativity will ensure your fondue party is nothing short of perfect!