When serving guests at an event featuring your commercial chocolate fountain, wearing gloves is not just sanitary.  If done correctly, the gloves will put the minds of everyone in line at ease. Following are five reasons to use gloves when serving food with your commercial chocolate fountain.

Avoid Contaminating the Chocolate and Dipping Treats

Enforce the proper rules with glove-wearing, as it’s an essential part of the battle towards keeping your commercial chocolate fountain station sanitary. Clean gloves over clean hands is the way to avoid contaminating both the chocolate and the dipping treats. If a food attendant is forced to handle another task, such as take away soiled linens, then a fresh pair of gloves must be put on before handling the food again.

Protect Against Cold and Flu Germs

Poor hygiene is the leading cause of spreading cold and flu germs, especially during the season when everyone seems to be sick. Again, using clean gloves over clean hands is the best way to combat these sneaky, undetectable germs and keep them from contaminating your commercial chocolate fountain station.

Protect the Food From Artificial Contaminants

If your food attendants are wearing finger nail polish or fake finger nails, gloves are often required in certain states. Finger nail polish easily flakes off, and fake finger nails can break right into the food, making at least one guest very unhappy when they find a surprise other than a dipping treat floating in their chocolate.

The same holds true for food attendants wearing a bandage or having a cut on their hands; gloves must be worn to protect the food from possible contamination.

Choose Nitrile or Non-Latex Gloves

Many people are allergic to latex, including some of the guests who will be sampling your delicious chocolate. Latex can transfer to the food and make it possible for someone to have an allergic reaction to the chocolate dipped treats.

To avoid this catastrophe, consider using non-latex gloves, such as Nitrile, to keep everyone – both food attendants and guests – happy.

Gloves Give the Illusion of Good Hygiene: Follow it up with Hand-Washing

Gloves, whether they’ve been changed a dozen times and are latex-free, are basically just an illusion of good hygiene unless food attendants properly wash their hands regularly and properly. Dirty hands in clean gloves can still soil the food. Instead, food attendants should wash their hands in hot water and scrub with soap for 15 to 30 seconds before donning their gloves. This way, your commercial chocolate fountain and your array of dipping treats stays as pure and delicious as possible – making everyone happy and healthy at the end of the event.