Mother’s Day: the special day where Mom is to be honored for all her hard work that often goes unappreciated as life’s bustle gets in the way. If you want to do something special for Mother’s Day this year, let the kids help you create a delicious home chocolate fountain display for everyone to enjoy! Prepping Your Home Chocolate Fountain for Mother’s Day

Dad: it’s your job to assemble the home chocolate fountain and get it ready to use. Once your home chocolate fountain is assembled and you have enough of Mom’s favorite Sephra chocolate variety, then you can get the kids involved and start preparing the display and the menu.

Lay a nice tablecloth down before arranging the home chocolate fountain and let the kids help color a Happy Mother’s Day banner that you can either hang above the home chocolate fountain display or across the front of the display table. A vase of beautiful flowers will make Mom feel special and round out the display table’s festive decorations.

If Mom loves Sephra chocolate in Belgian white, then consider dying it using Sephra’s food dye and making it her favorite color. You could choose a soft pastel color or go bold, depending on what Mom likes. Otherwise, let the dipping treats provide the color and use Mom’s favorite Sephra chocolate in milk or dark Belgian varieties.

Preparing Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Dipping Treats

Get together with the kids the day before Mother’s Day (send Mom out to lunch or shopping) and let them help make sugar cookies for part of the dipping treats. If baking isn’t your strong point, consider buying ready-made cookie dough from the grocery store so you can still have fun with the kids. Also make sure you get fresh strawberries, pretzel rods and marshmallows. If you want your marshmallows to have a fruity kick, choose Sephra’s homemade passion fruit marshmallows – which are sure to please Mom and kids!

If your kids (and Mom) are partial to bar cookies, an easy one to make is Rice Crispy marshmallow bars. These don’t require any baking know-how and always taste delicious dipped in decadent Sephra chocolate. You can easily use peanut butter instead of marshmallows or chocolate rice cereal if you want to get fancy.

All you need now is to arrange your dipping treats on pretty plates or platters. You could layer the fresh strawberries in a pretty bowl, put the pretzel rods in a short vase, assemble the marshmallows on a silver platter, and stack the cookies on a cake stand. Mom will be so impressed that Father’s Day is sure to be an equally delicious event!